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Pro-choice blogger: Eliminating people who “can’t thrive” is “God’s work”

by | Sep 4, 2014


By Sarah Terzo

????????????????????????????????????????Pro-choice blogger Valerie Tarico describes how abortionists who kill disabled children are doing “God’s work:”

“The human body fends off most infections and cancers, but not all. It spontaneously heals most broken bones and closes many wounds but not all. Similarly, it spontaneously aborts most problem pregnancies, but not all. Nature tends to abort pregnancies where there are problems with cell division or fetal development, where there is little chance for a fetus to become a healthy, thriving person. Through medical or surgical abortion, as through every other medical procedure, doctors and healers extend the work of nature—of God, if you will—to promote health and wellbeing. By ending pregnancies that don’t have a good chance to turn into thriving children and adults, they are—literally or metaphorically–doing God’s work.” [1]

So what exactly is a “thriving’ child or adult? A child who isn’t dependent on others? A child who isn’t blind or physically handicapped? A child who is smart enough to make a great deal of money? Eliminating the “imperfect” and disabled is not “God’s work” to pro-lifers.

Thanks to LifeNews for this quote.

[1] Valerie Tarico “Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation on Reproductive Rights and Moral Values” RH Reality Check April 3, 2014

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