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September’s edition of National Right to Life News offers Pro-Lifers up-to-date news

by | Sep 24, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

092014FrontcoverThanks to those who were kind enough to compliment our 38-page issue which can be accessed and read at

Faced with the same obstacles every other newspaper faces, we decided to produce a digital edition of NRL News, beginning last January. With this format the newspaper can be read immediately, is available instantly to anyone with access to the Internet, is free, can be updated as events unfold, and (best of all, in some ways) can be forwarded to anyone and everyone on your social networks or through ordinary email. (PS: I hope you are!)

Elsewhere today we’re posting the page one story written by NRL Political Director Karen Cross. With mid-term elections around the corner, her story is must reading.

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