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South Carolina woman intended to kidnap pregnant woman, kill her, and take her baby, authorities say

by | Sep 8, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Julie Gookins

Julie Gookins (Hill-Finklea Detention Center)

Julie Gookins has been charged with kidnapping, burglary, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and attempted murder for her plans to kill a woman 37-weeks pregnant, “extract the baby and keep it as her own,” the Post-Courier newspaper reported.

Last Thursday Gookins approached the woman, who was standing by her car at her house unloading groceries, and held a gun to the expectant mother’s stomach, according to the incident report.

The Post-Courier’s Dave Munday reported

“Gookins said she would shoot the woman and her baby if she didn’t walk to the backyard, according to the report.

A neighbor, Mikey Brown, told News2

“It was very horrific. All you can see was a pregnant lady tackled to the ground. Instantly you’re thinking, maybe she’s getting murdered. I mean, early in the morning…you don’t expect stuff like that to happen.”

Somehow the victim managed to get the gun away and toss it into a nearby pond. With the assistance of another neighbor, they were able “to wrestle Gookins to the ground and hold her there until police arrived.”

Police in Berkeley County, South Carolina, say the victim did not require medical attention.

“During the bond hearing Friday, the victim told the judge that she was afraid Gookins would kill her if she got out of jail,” according to Jeff Quinton. “Police said that information from witnesses and evidence gathered indicated that Gookins wanted to kidnap the victim, then kill her and take the baby.”

As of Friday no bond has been set by the judge. Gookins is being held at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

For now, authorities do not know why Gookins targeted this particular woman.

Last week NRL News Today reported the horrific case of Maria Rodriquez who confessed to murdering an eight-month pregnant woman with a kitchen knife and using the same knife to try to remove her baby, who was dead, the Daily Mail reported. Self-described as “obsessed with having a baby,” Rodriguez , 29, will be charged with two counts of murder, police told reporter Jenny Awford.

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