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The “coolest” baby yet—and not even born!

by | Sep 3, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

thumbsupunbornI first saw this on Labor Day, although the ultrasound was actually posted August 28. For those of us of a certain age (old), the instant reaction was “The Fonz.” He was the iconic character played by Henry Winkler on the comedy “Happy Days” whose signature gesture was the thumbs up.

Like so much on the Internet, you never know what will go viral. The massive attention came when the ultrasound was posted on Reddit by the brother of the baby’s father, who had originally posted the baby’s ultrasound on his Facebook page.

Brandon Hopkins, the baby’s father, told HLN that the ultrasound photo was taken early last week. After his brother posted on Reddit, “My brother called me and said ‘Your babies are famous!'” Hopkins said.

And get this–his wife is actually pregnant with twins! (The babies are due next January.) The couple lives in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

As someone commented, if the baby is imitating Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, the epitome of cool (at least between 1974 and 1984), the baby can only be the coolest baby yet—and he/she is not even born!

We often discuss the impact of ultrasounds on women facing crisis pregnancies. What, I wonder, would be the response if a mom saw this?

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