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The Many Benefits of Working with Your Local NRLC Affiliate Group

by | Sep 9, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

VoiceforvoicelessLet me begin by giving full credit to Maria Vitale Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, who inspired this post. A while back she wrote a wonderful piece which began with the amusing and thought-provoking sentence, “Why not age gracefully for the pro-life cause?”

Maria was alluding to a piece written by Julie Deardorff for the Chicago Tribune (“Five Ways to age gracefully”) which quoted Teresa Seeman, a geriatrics researcher and professor of medicine and epidemiology in the UCLA Schools of Medicine and Public Health. Under the first category –“Find a Purpose”–Deardorff turned to Seeman who said, “Research shows that those who stay more socially active — getting together with friends and family, joining clubs, volunteering — live longer and maintain better cognitive and physical functioning.”

Gallagher used that insight to encourage people to join the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. Let me do likewise to encourage you to join NRLC. We will help you help the unborn in many ways, including showing you how to contact your local pro-life organization.

If you are not involved with your local NRL-affiliated group,  I hope you will take time to call us at 202-378-8842.

Involvement with pro-lifers is a wonderful way to associate with like-minded champions in a fun atmosphere that will utilize your brain power on behalf of the greatest social justice cause of our time. What greater purpose could there be?

There is so much to do, making your participation in the ministry of your local chapter a wonderful illustration of the axiom that many hands make light work.

Editor’s note:  Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you soon. See also “Piquing interest with Pinterest, a natural for Pro-Lifers

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