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The trial of abortionist Robert Alexander

by | Sep 12, 2014


Administrative Judge determines Alexander guilty of both negligence and incompetence

By Genevieve Marnon, Right to Life of Michigan Public Affairs Associate

Editor’s note. NRL News Today has posted over a dozen stories on Muskegon, Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander whose Woman’s Medical Services abortion clinic authorities shut down in December 2013. As you may recall, the order revoking the abortion clinic’s operating license came after the fire marshal and building inspector investigated and found potential fire-, health- and building-code violations, according to Jeffrey Lewis, Muskegon’s director of public safety. Put more bluntly, Alexander’s abortion clinic was a filthy pit, with blood and water everywhere. Here is an update.

Alexanderclinic2Last week the notorious abortionist Robert Alexander was on trial in front of an administrative law judge because of allegations of incompetency and negligence stemming from the closure of his Muskegon clinic in December of 2012 by the fire marshal. On behalf of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, an assistant attorney general laid out a stunning amount of evidence and expert witness testimony detailing the egregious conditions that were uncovered during an investigation of a break-in at Alexander’s clinic on Dec. 26, 2012.

Those who have followed Alexander’s career weren’t surprised to hear the allegations. But even seasoned investigators seemed distressed by the dozens of health and safety violations which were found at the clinic.

The prosecution presented 87 photos showing used needles on the ground, unsterilized surgical tools, rusty equipment, biohazard bags stacked up in procedure rooms, unsecured patient files, buckets of fluid containing “fleshy” substances and dozens of fire hazards.

When it came time for Alexander’s testimony, he rambled and preached from the stand and had to be reprimanded several times to “just answer the question.” He dodged and obfuscated questions and contradicted himself repeatedly. He even went on to describe his long standing bi-polar disorder and suggested that he should be excused from the allegations because of the American’s with Disabilities Act.

When asked about his competency in the face of the overwhelming evidence against him, Alexander claimed pro-life extremists broke in [his abortion clinic] and staged the scene. He then blamed his employee and her husband for not cleaning as they had been contracted to do. Finally, he claimed the deplorable conditions existed because he was in the process of closing his clinic and the procedure room in question was simply being used for storage.

The expert witnesses disagreed with all accusations by Alexander that the scene had been staged and were able to show the conditions found at the clinic demonstrated a history of negligence.

It took the judge only one week to determine Alexander was guilty of both negligence and incompetence. Now it is up to the Board of Medicine to take the judge’s opinion into consideration as it decides whether Alexander’s license will be revoked and what other sanctions will be placed on him.

The Board Review will take place on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

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