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Will Death Be Smiling in New Brunswick Monday? Or Fuming?

by | Sep 22, 2014


By Augustine Roper

Editor’s note. Brian Gallant is the leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Association. “PCs” refers to the Progressive Conservatives. David Alward is the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. Elections in New Brunswick, Canada, are today.

David Alward is the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in New Brunswick. Brian Gallant is the leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Association.

David Alward is the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in New Brunswick. Brian Gallant is the leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Association.

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island [PEI] have long been the two Canadians hold-outs from a regime of tax-funded abortion on demand. [The late abortionist] Henry Morgentaler tried to change that but failed. He lost his lawsuit against the PEI government. His lawsuit against New Brunswick expired without ever making it to court.

2014 has seen “pro-choice” activists target both provinces, determined to impose their ideology on these “backward” places whose citizens somehow have failed to get why baby-killing on demand is so great. Will abortion advocates achieve victory in New Brunswick this Monday? You can bet they and their movement far and wide are waiting to party Monday night.

Death is getting ready for a big grin on Monday. If he doesn’t get to, it will surely be because God in his great mercy has decided to spoil the party. Here’s still hoping. Maybe death will be fuming instead!

Brian Gallant has been riding high in the polls. Two recent polls have shown the gap between the Liberals and PCs has closed substantially. But Gallant still seems to coasting to victory. If he wins, the abortion party is on.

Gallant has had a free ride on abortion from the media and – strangely – even David Alward.

Gallant pretends his position – on eliminating all barriers to abortion access – represents the party policy adopted at the party’s convention last April. Not so. The party resolution referred to access to “family planning information”. Not the same thing. Some Liberals at that convention said Gallant pulled a fast one by taking that fuzzy resolution and turning into a radical pro-abortion policy which HE HAS IMPOSED ON THE PARTY. But the media let that go.

The excuse Gallant has used all along is that the [Canadian] Charter of Rights requires unrestricted access to abortion. It doesn’t. The truth about abortion and the law has been publicly pointed out. As NB [New Brunswick] Right to Life said in its ad the other day, pro-choicers who pretend the law backs their ideology are like the fairy tale emperor who had no clothes. Only the media have been like the obsequious crowd that saw the naked emperor yet pretended he was not. They should cry like the little boy, “The emperor has no clothes.” But they haven’t.

Gallant is allowed to get away with his deception.

In the course of the election Gallant got quite extreme. He announced all candidates must support his pro-abortion view. Some pro-life candidates said that expectation was never discussed when they let their name stand [for election]. Something smelled. But the media let it go. A few months back, Justin Trudeau got hammered by media pundits for imposing a pro-choice edict upon federal Liberals. The NB media treats Brian Gallant with kid gloves.

In the CTV [Canadian TV] Roundtable Steve Murphy asked Gallant whether his party had any room for conscience. Gallant answered that his party is unequivocally committed to expanding abortion access. Murphy might have interjected, “It sounds like your answer is ‘no.’” But he didn’t. Gallant has been like Mr. Teflon. Everything bounces off.

It’s one thing for the media to not challenge Gallant on abortion. But what about David Alward? He’s been like the dog that refused to bark. Not a peep against Gallant’s position. Not a word that his party’s policy opposes what Gallant favours – tax-funded abortion on demand. Even though polls show the public overwhelmingly support his position over Gallant’s.

During the election Alward has mouthed over and over: “Our position is clear. We support the status quo.” Great. So WHY do you support the status quo? What’s good about it, why is it good for New Brunswick? Not a word from Alward. Why is your policy better than Brian Gallant’s? Not a word. If Alward has any problem with taxpayer funded abortion on demand – a policy that would likely result in 2,000 dead New Brunswick babies a year – you would never know it from anything he’s said.

Mind you, I still want him to win. Because I know he will in fact resist a policy of abortion on demand. He’s a world better than Gallant. Gallant would be a nightmare compared to Alward. The status quo is not great – still allows hundreds of babies to die each year unnecessarily (because the rules are abused). But public funding of 400 abortions a year at present under Alward vs. 2,000 to be expected under Gallant – there’s no contest which one to vote for, in my view.

And as I said in a previous piece, the only practical way to prevent Gallant’s nightmare is to vote for Alward.

So why is Alward so mousy on the issue? Does he really not care about Gallant’s extreme policy? I am not sure that is the case. For whatever reason, he’s decided to play it safe – the less said on abortion the better. Don’t say anything, because whatever you say it will offend someone.

In my view, that approach has been ill-advised. If you are ahead in the polls, maybe you don’t want to lose support from anyone. But when (a) you are behind, (b) most people actually disagree with your opponent’s policy, it makes zero sense not to take issue with your opponent and thereby appeal to the vast majority of New Brunswickers. By his silence I think Alward has lost a golden opportunity to give people a reason to support him.

I still hope he wins. It doesn’t look so good at the moment. But it’s not over till it’s over.

But if David Alward does win, it won’t be because he’s been a sterling champion for the unborn or their mothers during this election campaign. It will be by the grace of God. It will be because the One who loves every child he creates with an everlasting love, does not want the prince of death and his cooperators (witting nor unwitting) to smile on Monday night.

If the abortion crowd does not win Monday, victory will have been stolen from them. They won’t be happy! I will feel so bad for them. Well, maybe not.

Time to hope and pray. And vote if you haven’t already!

We know what God can do. He closed the abortuary in Fredericton [New Brunswick]. The abortion crowd want to re-open it. They don’t have to get their wish. Some One may have something to say about that.

“Unto you, O Lord, I lift up my soul” (Psalm 25:1).

Augustine Roper is the pen name for someone active in pro-life activities for a number of years.

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