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As Election Day nears, the clear contrast in ads sends an important message

by | Oct 31, 2014

By Elizabeth Spillman, NRLC Political Assistant

babyonflag   Every election season as Election Day draws near, you can easily tell which pro-abortion candidates are losing–their ads become incredibly desperate and nasty. We have seen this playing out in some key races in the past few weeks.

The most absurd example comes out of Colorado. In the Centennial State, NARAL Pro-Choice America  is running an ad claiming that if pro-life Senate candidate Cory Gardner (R) is elected condoms will be sold out because other methods of birth control will be banned!

This is absurd, but no doubt NARAL reasons desperate times requires desperate measures. The poll numbers of their candidate, pro-abortion Sen. Mark Udall (D), continue to fall.

By contrast, we have seen some wonderful ads by pro-life candidates around the country.

In Kansas, pro-life Senator Pat Roberts is hitting the airwaves this week with a radio ad highlighting his strong pro-life record. You can listen to the ad here: (Kathy Ostrowski has additional insight at another post at National Right to Life News Today.)

We here at National Right to Life went up on the airwaves this week in key races with beautiful life-affirming radio ads. Listen to a sample here:

As the count-down to the election is now in the single digits, consider giving an hour or two of your time this weekend to counteracting these nasty attacks by helping a pro-life candidate in your area.

To see a list of National Right to Life endorsed candidates, go to:

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