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Now UK Media Pushes Suicide by Starvation

by | Oct 20, 2014


By Wesley J. Smith

Jean Davies, the author of this book, intentionally starved herself to death. She passed away October 1.

Jean Davies, the author of this book, intentionally starved herself to death. She passed away October 1.

The media have become so in the tank for assisted suicide they now treat some suicides more as a necessity than as a choice.

Take the Independent’s headline about an elderly assisted suicide campaigner woman who intentionally starved herself to death. Note the tone of the story. From, “Grandmother Starves Herself to Death After UK Assisted Suicide Laws Left Her ‘No Alternative’:”

“An elderly woman has starved herself to death to get around the UK’s tight and restrictive laws on assisted suicide.”

I wish they were tight and restrictive. The Public Prosecutor issued directives promising not to usually prosecute family or medical caregivers who assist suicides.

Meanwhile, those trying to change the law insist it will be reserved for the terminally ill. Yet, the self-starved assisted suicide campaigner wasn’t dying:

Octogenarian Jean Davies, who is also a right-to-die campaigner, spent five weeks attempting to end her life and succeeded in doing so on 1 October.

The former math teacher, 86, did not have a terminal illness, but suffered a range of conditions that made her life uncomfortable including chronic back pain and fainting episodes.

She told the Sunday Times: “It is hell. I can’t tell you how hard it is. You wouldn’t decide this unless you thought your life was going to be so bad. It is intolerable.” It is understood that she stopped drinking water on 16 September and was frustrated that her death wasn’t days after, but two weeks.

So, Davies was talking to the media as she starved herself to death?

Talk about terminal nonjudgmentalism! Where was the suicide prevention? Where were those in a position to help save this clearly ideologically driven and depressed woman from herself?

“Ms Davies’ four children and two grandchildren were reportedly supportive of her decision.”


The point of stories like this is to bully people into legalizing euthanasia. We are supposed to swallow the hemlock that Davies had to kill herself so we were cruel for not making it easy–when the opposite is true.

Someone has to say it: If this report is true, shame on her family. And doubly shame on the media for their crescendo of suicide promotion. , e.g., the Brittany Maynard feeding frenzy, 60 Minutes, and now Davies.

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