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Options other than an abortion if a woman chooses not to be a parent

by | Oct 15, 2014


By Tony Perry

Editor’s note. Last week we wrote about a woman who posted a letter at Reddit under the name “Scaredthrowingaway”—a letter to the child she was about to abort. Tony Perry read our post and responded with the following.

sadwoman64NRL News Today readers may remember Mr. Perry’s name. I had written about a column he had composed for the Daily Mail about his experience of powerlessness when his girlfriend decided to abort their child.

Dear Scaredthrowingaway

I’m so sorry to hear that you find yourself in such a difficult position. Having a baby is a huge decision, but abortion is not the only option if you choose not to become a parent.

Within you is a life that many would dream to have the opportunity to raise. Thousands of hopeful parents go through IVF, praying this cycle will work, or maybe the next, only to find themselves exhausted and no closer to having a baby. Others look to adopt. There are so many more people wanting to adopt in the US than there are babies, that Russia has closed off their orphaned children to American parents in an attempt to influence American foreign policy.

Not only can such a life give hopeful parents joy, it can help make the world a better place as well. I think back to a young woman in Houston who found herself pregnant in 1931. She decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother, and decided to give her baby up for adoption. At the same time, another couple said good-bye to a stillborn daughter and longed for a baby to whom they could give their love. They learned about that young woman’s baby and chose to adopt her.

That baby was my grandmother. Had her mother made a different choice, my grandmother, my mother and I would not be here. The loving family I had would not have existed. We, like other people, have touched the lives of others in a way that would not have happened if we were not there.

The child inside you has the same potential for love, and the same ability to give hope to others who long for it. I know you are not ready to be a mother, but your child will in the least appreciate the most precious gift of all that you could give him or her: The chance at life. There are other hopeful parents who would gladly raise your child as their own, and would give him or her the love and security he or she deserves.

Best regards,

Tony Perry

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