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Parents ignore doctors’ gloom and doom prognosis, “miracle baby’ born at 23 weeks now thriving

by | Oct 8, 2014


By Dave Andrusko


Lucas Moore pictured in the hands of his father when he was just a few hours old Photo:

Because it is such a powerful contrast, a staple of pro-life conversation for decades has been the simple truth that the same-age baby who in one room doctors will struggle frantically to save can be killed the next room over. It is morally schizophrenic, an irrational dichotomy that can serve to open minds otherwise impervious to persuasion.

Several British newspapers, including the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, and the Daily Telegraph have been writing stories about babies who were born just before the legal limit for abortion in Great Britain (ostensibly 24 weeks, but “flexible” if the baby is found to have a disability) who survived.

The latest “miracle” baby is Lucas Moore who was born at 1lb 1oz and who was not expected to live beyond a few days. But a year later, according to the Telegraph, he is thriving.

Lucas with his parents on his first birthday (

Lucas with his parents on his first birthday (

The details are harrowing, beginning with the sad note that Sylvia Moore had lost quads a month before she learned she was pregnant with Lucas; and the reality that unless a baby reaches 24 weeks, hospitals are ultra-reluctant to do anything for them.

In this instance Mrs. Moore’s water broke at 22 weeks and doctors told her to expect a stillbirth. Even if Sylvia’s and Thomas’s baby did survive, the couple was informed, his internal organs would be so compromised that he would have no ability to fight off infection. The Telegraph reported

“The couple also claim that they were told they would receive no medical support if the baby weighed less than 1lb.

“After 10 days of labour, Lucas was born weighing just over that limit and placed on a ventilator at Coventry University Hospital, where he was found to be suffering from bleeding on the brain.

“His parents claim they were told that their son would be severely disabled and they should consider switching off his life support machine.”

(The hospital denied saying this.)

But the Moores said no!

“When we first went into hospital it was absolutely terrible,” Mr. Moore told the newspaper. “We said that if he started fighting we would fight for him and that’s what we did. We knew we had made the right decision when the nurses told us his bleed on the brain had just disappeared.”

Lucas celebrated his first birthday on August 28. While he is a few months behind in his development, he is in good health.

“He really is our miracle little boy, we all call him that,” Mrs. Moore said. “After carrying a baby and preparing for him to come into the world, to be told that he will not live is just devastating.

“Lucas really is a little fighter and we are so proud of him.”

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