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Too hot to print for the Mason City Globe Gazette

by | Oct 2, 2014


Editor’s note. This appeared in the October issue of Iowa Right to Life News.

get-factsMASON CITY–When a Polk county District judge ruled on august 19 in favor of the Iowa Board of Medicine’s right to ban Planned Parenthood’s dangerous webcam abortions, the Mason City Globe-Gazette published a completely over-the-top staff editorial on behalf of Planned Parenthood.

Iowa Right to Life responded with a letter to correct some of the misconceptions spread by the Globe-Gazette, which was parroting Planned Parenthood’s marketing language.

The Globe-Gazette refused to print our response. But that’s okay, because we will print it here so you can read what the Globe-Gazette didn’t want you to see.


The Globe-Gazette’s staff editorial,”Vigorous challenge of telemedicine ruling…(8/27/14) cheated Iowa women, by parroting Planned Parenthood’s marketing language on webcam abortions, instead of asking tough questions of the state’s largest abortion business.

“One of their strongest arguments for the system was that there had been no complaints from the more than 5,000 women who used the telemedicine system at 15 health centers,” said the editorial.

Planned Parenthood’s representatives have never been honest with the media here.

In Ohio, where state law requires Planned Parenthood to report complications from medication [chemical] abortions, there were 42 reports in 18 months, including 35 incomplete abortions from just Planned Parenthoods, according to a report released in August of 2013 by the Ohio Board of Medicine.

The 35 women with incomplete abortions had to endure a second abortion – a surgical one – to finish the job. It’s naïve to think this is not happening in Iowa, when 15 Planned Parenthood locations were distributing medications abortions. (Now down to nine locations).

We know this is happening in Iowa, because Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s own website says: “During the abortion pill (medication abortion) visit, you must agree-before you start –that you will have an in-clinic (“surgical”) abortion if the abortion pill does not work.”

The Globe-Gazette needs to ask Planned Parenthood about their “Occurrence Reports,” which they fill out to document adverse events or complaints. Start with the Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood, where medication abortions were offered up untill July 2014.

Where is a woman in rural Iowa to go when the abortion is incomplete? Planned Parenthood has never answered that question. How much does a woman have to pay Planned Parenthood for the trauma of a second abortion, after an incomplete abortion?

The Globe-Gazette editorial staff should switch places with their reporters and rediscover investigative journalism.


Jenifer Bowen

Executive Director, Iowa Right to Life

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