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Woman aborts baby at home; Police describe “sad little face”

by | Oct 21, 2014


By Sarah Terzo

Jennie McCormack

Jennie McCormack

An article in The New Republic in 2012 described how Jennie Linn McCormack aborted her late term unborn baby with pills she purchased online. She did not want to pay for an abortion in a clinic, which cost about $400 to $2,000, (depending on how far along she was) so she found cheaper drugs online. She delivered her dead aborted baby. The baby was fully developed and between 19 and 23 weeks.

She hid the body in a box but it eventually began to decay and attracted attention. According to Detective Brian McClure, who saw the dead baby:

“We see dead bodies, daily, weekly, in all different stages…But seeing a recognizable baby in a garbage bag, frozen, outside, in a garbage pile, decomposing ….”

Detective Val Wadsworth, a father of four, said:

“I wouldn’t wish anyone to that scene or investigation…We unwrapped it and released it to the funeral home, and the next day was the autopsy…When they had it thawed out and laying on the table, it was just sad. Sad feeling. Sad little pathetic face. It was just terrible.”

The Rise of DIO Abortions” The New Republic Dec 21, 2012

Babies are regularly aborted at five months in the United States.

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