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Writer Sady Doyle shocks with bold declaration that abortion is “great”

by | Oct 7, 2014


By Susan Michelle

abortionisgreatAbortion is being touted as the greater good, deeply moral, and even lifesaving in a new book, which writer Sady Doyle hails in an article this week. Usually even those who proclaim “women’s rights” as the cause for abortion advocacy have the decency to acknowledge it’s not ideal to abort, but this article says that’s all bunk and that abortion is “great.”

In fact, as Doyle reviews the book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,” by Katha Pollitt, she highlights points that are astounding to hear, even by pro-abortion extremists.

Progressives, Pollitt says,

“can and must treat abortion as an unequivocal positive rather than a ‘necessary evil’; there is no ethical, humane way to limit abortion rights. The fact that Pollitt needs to make this argument in 2014, however, seems to indicate that pro-choicers have long been a little too nice for our own good.”

Too nice? That’s what these writers say. Doyle merges her voice with Pollitt’s — a resounding pro-abortion unity. The language of “safe, legal, and rare,” which has been shouted from the statehouse to the White House, they say, is actually too apologetic. In fact, all this talk about abortion being a difficult choice is really problematic. Abortion should be unapologetic because it’s so wonderful.

Pollitt’s book, Doyle notes, is convincing and important because “abortion is not only necessary but good for society.”

She then outlines several reason why abortion should be a celebrated moral act, which include such things such as how “birth control and abortion are the only ways to provide such a guarantee” of pursuing success, careers, etc. because if “we are to have leaders and geniuses with uteruses, we must provide them with the reproductive freedom necessary to go to school and build careers.”

No mention exists of the freedom they have to help people have children through adoption. No mention exists of owning one’s actions — only of killing the result of them in great celebration.

So much for the idea that abortion isn’t used as birth control.

Her next reason is that pregnancy is a health risk because some women have died from it, sometimes. She cites rare complications that might possibly happen to a slight few as some reason all should abort if they feel like it.

The next two reasons are ignorant and even frightening. Doyle says “abortion saves lives,” apparently because of the aforementioned “some women have died from pregnancy” idea. She adds that “I don’t have the right to force you to risk life and limb, or go through drastic and painful physical experiences like labor, simply because I prefer that you stay pregnant.”

Then — just about the time you wonder if you’re reading an article in The Onion, because surely no one in her right mind could think this is logical or true — Doyle drops the last drop of ignorance into an already full bucket and says that “abortion prevents suffering — not only the emotional, physical and financial suffering of parents, but that of infants.”

Yes, she just said that abortion prevents the suffering of infants — you know, the ones it rips out of the uterus and kills after they are able to feel pain. But she says since some babies have defects and might die, they should not live; therefore, abortion not only saves the woman’s life, but prevents the suffering of a baby.

Citing babies that live only a few days because of defects, she argues how cruel this is, never considering that maybe it is redeeming to a family to see life born, even if one’s son or daughter dies. Countless stories exist of these children. In fact, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photography offers free photography for these families to be able to cherish the only chance they have to meet their child. This is a gift, not an act of cruelty.

But Doyle argues that we are actually in the wrong — that a culture of life is wrong:

“The culture of ‘life’ that anti-choice movements want actually brings tragedy and death by failing to recognize reality.”

Pro-lifers, Doyle says, are not grounded in “logic or science. They’re emotional.”

Thus, she concludes, we don’t deserve respect.

“Progressives have apologized for being right. But we don’t have to. Abortion saves lives, improves lives, and makes for a stronger society…. We like abortion.”

There you have it. This is the heart of the abortion industry. If the baby gets in the way, kill it. Now. Without apology. Because the mom’s life is the only one that matters. Abortion saves lives. Never mind how many it kills to preserve human selfishness.

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