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Your “Heart” for Our Cause Can Save a Baby’s Heart . . . and Her Life!

by | Oct 15, 2014


abortionstopsheartThere is a miracle beating inside of you – your heart.

If you live to an average age, it will beat almost three billion times, giving energy and vitality to your body and brain, an essential part of who you are.

The heart is so entrenched in our thoughts that it’s a metaphor for emotions, romance, loyalty, strength.

It helps define who we are as human beings.

And abortion advocates want to snuff it out.

Standard abortions don’t occur until after the heart starts to beat at 18 to 21 days, so literally every abortion stops a beating heart.

That beautiful heart is destroyed, crushed, or torn to pieces in every abortion, along with the innocent child who possesses it.

This fact has made the theme “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart” one of the most powerfully persuasive themes in the history of the Right to Life Movement. And we want to ask your help to get that theme into millions of American households . . . now!

The National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund will soon run a nationwide buy of radio ads on the theme “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.” To hear these impactful ads, you can listen here:

National Right to Life ads are heard and make a difference: The last time one of National Right to Life’s entities did major radio buy, more than 27 percent of the active and aware citizens we targeted in key markets reported hearing our ads. That’s literally millions of Americans! These ads can save lives!

But right now, we need your help. We’ve planned a radio buy of almost $300,000 to begin soon, but so far have raised only a little more than $100,000 of that.

But here’s the good news: The ads are educational, so your gift to run them is fully tax-deductible. And we’re starting our drive for the remaining $180,000 we need with a $30,000 Challenge Grant given by a pro-life donor who gave the generous gift in the hope it will inspire others to match portions of that $30,000 and double the impact with more radio ads!

Because we are airing coast-to-coast, the average cost per ad spot is less than $25, meaning your tax-deductible donation of $50 to the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund now will directly pay for two radio ads; if you can give $100, it would pay for four ads; and $500 would buy more than 20!

We very much want to run all these ads now – in an election cycle like this, citizens are much more aware of and willing to listen to current issues like the tragedy of abortion . . . we can impact so many people right now and save many, many lives if we can run the full campaign!

But our deadline to pay for the ads is Tuesday, so please help immediately. You can donate at our website here.  You will be sent a receipt indicating your gift is deductible on your 2014 income taxes. Thank you very much for anything you can do!

A baby aborted at say, eight weeks in the womb will tragically only get the tiniest fraction of the heartbeats allotted if he or she were allowed to live an average lifespan. That is an incalculable loss that doesn’t have to happen! Please show your own heart for the unborn and help us run these powerful ads – your gift today can touch the heart of a woman considering abortion, or teach a young person the truth about the developing unborn baby . . . in short, it can save lives!


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