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A look ahead to Tuesday’s mid-term elections

by | Nov 3, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

babyandflag33“I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”  —  Philip Yancey

I lead with this quote from one of my favorite writers for two reasons. First, all the statistical gurus/prognosticators are predicting that Republicans will control the Senate after tomorrow’s mid-term elections. The range of “certainty” ranges from 70% to 90%+. That makes me exceedingly nervous because you never know until you know, which is another way of saying that all predictions are, at best, educated guesses.

Second, should this wonderful development come to pass, we can be assured that pro-abortion Democrats and their legion of colleagues in the Media Establishment will not respond well. Already Senate candidates who need a heavy turnout from core constituencies, such as single women and African Americans, have done everything they can to whip these people into a frenzy. What they have said is a disservice to the electoral process but, alas, par for the course.

The purpose of this recycled demagoguery is the same as it always is: when Republicans, who are heavily pro-life, win, somehow their victory is always tainted—never mind that the ugly stuff is coming from pro-abortion Democrats.

The New York Times is so angry that it ran an editorial which correctly has been dubbed a call for an end to mid-term elections. Since under the system we’ve had for a long, long time, too many of the “wrong” people show up and two few of the “right” people, what to do? According to the Times, the remedy is a piece of cake:

“There’s an obvious, simple fix, though. The government should, through a constitutional amendment, extend the term of House members to four years and adjust the term of senators to either four or eight years, so that all elected federal officials would be chosen during presidential election years.

A sidebar here: a friend emailed me an op-ed penned by the guy who in 2012 unsuccessfully ran for Congress from Virginia’s 6th District. Andy Schmookler tells us in his New York Daily News piece that it’s not just (as the Times tells us) that the mid-term elections are almost illegitimate (because all they tend to do is weaken the President—aka Barack Obama), elections as a whole are suspect because too many people

Having neither the time, interest, nor background to develop a complex picture of American politics, … welcome a simple way to exercise their duties as citizens. Finding a single issue that can define their political choices serves this purpose.

And, of course, you’ll never guess who those dummies who “are inclined to view politics in moral terms”? Pro-lifers.

The level of condescension is staggering, even by pro-abortion standards. But the Times editorial together with Mr. Schmooker’s musings and the message is clear: if they can’t stop us from voting, maybe they can find some way of minimizing our influence. Democrats as anti-democratic, not new, but still very disheartening.

Be sure to come to tomorrow to keep up on the election results!

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