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A “New Day in Arkansas” for unborn babies

by | Nov 6, 2014


By Rose Mimms, Executive Director, Arkansas Right to Life

Newly-elected pro-life Sen. Tom Cotton

Newly-elected pro-life Sen. Tom Cotton

It is a new day in Arkansas after November 4, and an especially friendly one for unborn children. We made history on several important fronts.

The Pryor family, first the father (David) and, later, his son (Mark), have served as United States senator from our state for decades. Thanks to an unparalleled grassroots effort, Mark Pryor was defeated Tuesday by pro-life Republican Tom Cotton. In what was anticipated to be a very close contest, Cotton won with 56.5% of the vote to 38.5 % for Pryor.

After the vote Tuesday, all of our congressional delegation is pro-life and Republican, the first time in 141 years the GOP controls all the seats.

All of our seven Constitutional officers (which include the Governor, Lt. Gov. Attorney General, and Secretary of State) are pro-life.

There were 38 contested races in the General Assembly and Republicans won 29 of them. The House is now 64 Republicans to 36 Democrats.

In the state Senate, there were 4 contested races, all won by pro-life Republicans. We now have 25 Republicans and 9 Democrats with 1 open seat due to the resignation of Senator Michael Lamoureaux who is pro-life, to become Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson’s new Chief of Staff. There will be a special election in December to fill that seat.

Pro-lifers have worked extremely hard this election cycle to get the pro-life vote out.  The pro-life issue is very important to Arkansans and all but three of our endorsed candidates won election.

It was very different just last year. In 2013, Democrat Governor Mike Beebe vetoed two pieces of pro-life legislation, including The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Both vetoes were overridden by the Assembly.

The Major Races:

In the U.S. Senate, Mark Pryor voted against pro-life legislation 26 times out of 38 votes scored by NRLC on pro-life legislation.  He was not a friend to pro-lifers in spite of what he said was his ‘personal opposition’ to abortion.

Tom Cotton was clearly the pro-life candidate and it was our goal to make sure all Arkansans knew that.

The governor’s race was extremely critical for us; our choice was former congressman Asa Hutchinson and we worked very hard to insure his victory. He won with 55.4% of the vote, in contrast to 41.5% for his opponent.

We are all extremely grateful and excited to have pro-life friends in positions of leadership in our state government.

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