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Canadian newspaper laments the lack of abortion facilities

by | Nov 25, 2014


By Mike Schouten, Campaign director for

NationalPost2The National Post has published a piece that laments the lack of abortion facilities in Canada [specifically Prince William Island], claiming a lack of access is inadequate women’s healthcare. We would like to remind Canadians that abortion is the intentional killing of a pre-born life. True women’s healthcare would be caring for the woman, and contrary to the reporters in the media and abortion advocates, we do not believe that murder is the answer.

This letter to the National Post was shared with us by a reader and we would like to include it for your interest.

What is happening to us as a society?

The article in the National Post on Monday, November 24, regarding delays in the availability of abortion services is troubling, to say the least.

It raises no more concern about terminating real life in the womb, ‘truly a pre-born human child’, as having to face the inconvenience of finding that the nearest ‘latte shop’ is closed and therefore having to go a little further out of our way to have our selfish cravings satisfied.

The article informs us that late term abortion is “also medically complex” and “an unwanted pregnancy can complicate a personal and social life.”

Has our social moral fiber degenerated to such a dismal new low? The article does not inform the reader what “also medically complex” entails. It means that this child needs to have its head crushed and its body removed in mutilated pieces. The pieces need to be assembled afterwards to see if the abortionist ‘got it all.’

Life is debased in our society to such an extent that when these articles state facts and statistics for our information only but do not portray the horrific reality which is truly our societal holocaust of epic proportions, we no longer are outraged by it’s reality. Abortion implies death, hate, rejection, malice, horror. It stands to be vigorously opposed. Think about it.

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