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Former Clinic Worker: Merilida Aguilar

by | Nov 7, 2014


By Sarah Terzo


12 weeks

The following is Merilida’s testimony, from Bound4Life:

I was a former Planned Parenthood manager and abortion coordinator for the local clinic in Salinas. …

That Saturday, my coworker called me to go look at what she was seeing in a container the doctor had just left on the counter after he was done with an abortion procedure. With horror she kept repeating, “We are going to go to hell—Meri, come and see what is in here!”

I turned and started walking towards her, wondering what she was talking about. When I got closer to look inside, to my disbelief I saw tiny little arms with the hands attached intact. I could see the tiny fingers and legs with tiny feet and toes floating in blood and solution. We just stood there without saying a word.

…. After that day, things changed and I was not able to continue to do what I was doing. I finally knew for certain that abortions were never performed on a blob of tissue, as they want the world to believe, but a real person. This baby was 12 weeks old before he/she was murdered. I did not last long after that and soon I was fired. The number of abortions being scheduled were not growing, but declining at the center I was working.”

From: “Your Stomping Ground, Bound4LIFE Salinas” September 26, 2014

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