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“I thank everyone who supported me and my baby”

by | Nov 24, 2014


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Lopezfamily3This Thanksgiving week, Secular Pro-Life is giving a few guests the opportunity to thank the pro-life heroes in their lives.

First up is Valerie Lopez, a Texas A & M University student who got a huge shock in January: she was pregnant, and for added drama, she didn’t find out until she was already 23 weeks along! A late-term abortion was never an option for Valerie, whose dedication to the pro-life cause included a leadership role at TAMU’s pro-life student organization and an internship with SPL. But Valerie still needed support as she navigated the special challenges of parenting as a student… with just four months to prepare.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’d add that the village gets involved long before the child is born! Valerie thanks:

  • her mom, who was strongly supportive,
  • her friends, “who never delivered an ounce of judgment and threw me a surprise baby shower,”
  • her family, “who made big changes and lots of room for an extra person in their lives,” and last but certainly not least
  • her partner Ervin, the baby’s father, to whom Valerie is now engaged. “Instead of being worried about himself and everything going on in his life, he showed pure joy throughout the entire pregnancy and is now a great father,” Valerie says. “I am so thankful because I know how much my son is loved, especially by his parents.”

Baby Noah was born six months ago, and I have to agree: while his conception wasn’t planned, there’s no question he’s very much loved!

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