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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Of All People, Slams Obama for Being Surrounded by ‘Sycophants’

by | Nov 7, 2014


By Ken Shepherd

 Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews

President Obama’s problem is that he’s surrounded by sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear, not what he needs to hear.

That was the post-election analysis of none other than… Chris Matthews?!

That’s right, the tingly-legged, Obama-boosting Hardball host made the argument on colleague Alex Wagner’s November 5 Now program.

Matthews was reacting to the tone of Mr. Obama’s day-after-election news conference, which he kicked off with a comment about two-thirds of the nation’s voters having stayed home.

“There’s something in this guy that just plays to his constituency and acts like there’s no other world out there,” Matthews groused, adding later:

The fact that this president is getting advice from people that say you’re always right is the problem. He’s got too many sycophants around him telling him all you have to keep doing is what you’re doing. What I heard him to do right now is say I was right, we had the wrong electorate last night. I’d prefer a different electorate, I’d like the two-thirds of the people who didn’t vote to go vote. Well they didn’t vote, that’s the problem. They didn’t show up…. Why don’t we elect the voters? Why don’t we pick the voters and have them vote for us, that’s a great system! It’s sycophancy.

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