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ObamaCare’s popularity at all-time low, pro-abortion Democrats look to marginally- engaged President Obama to save them

by | Nov 19, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Before we take a look at some startling numbers with profound political implications, I want to remind you that you can read the entire post-election digital edition of National Right to Life News at Please take time to read the 34 page issue which explains not only the results (a likely gain of nine Republicans in the Senate, at least 12 in the House, and massive gains in state houses and governor ships) but why.

Obamacaregraph3President Obama is….President Obama. He neither accepts any responsibility for his party’s devastating defeats, plans any alternative strategy (such as treating Republicans as worthy opponents with whom he must work), nor (given the first two) grasps that his party is scared to death the defeats of the last two off-year elections may be not outliers but symptomatic of what is yet to come.

First, the 800 pound elephant in the room: the new enrollment period for ObamaCare. To quote the highlights of a story by Gallup’s Justin McCarthy

  • Americans’ approval of Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare]now at 37%
  • Approval among independents and nonwhites each fell six points
  • Since its 2012 peak, approval has been lower than disapproval

Put another way, 51% disapprove. And that’s before people realize that when they sign up again, they likely will find that their premiums have gone up again!

The holy grail of politics is independents. You would expect that only 8% of Republicans approve while 74% of Democrats approve but how about among independents? Approval is at a pitiful 33%.

Part of McCarthy’s amusing “bottom line” is this:

The percentage of Americans who approve of the law represents a new numerical low, which could indicate a loss of faith in the law amid the aftermath of the 2014 midterms.

No kidding?

The other intriguing story comes from POLITICO, which is ordinarily enthusiastically supportive of Obama. In the latest of a series of downer stories (for Democrats), Edward-Isaac Dovere’s column is titled, “Democrats to Obama: You broke our party, now fix it.”

It is a litany of complaints including even Donna Brazile! For Democrats, virtually all of whom are pro-abortion, the lead is terrifying:

Enough, Donna Brazile told White House political director David Simas the day after the midterms.

Democrats are in worse shape than when President Barack Obama came into office — the number of seats they have in Congress, the number of governors, a party approval rating that’s fallen behind Republicans for the first time in recent history, enthusiasm, energy. The White House, Brazile said when she came to meet with Simas, has got to focus for the next two years on getting the party into better shape, and Obama’s the best and most effective person to get out the message.

The basic problem is the same as it has always been: Mr. Obama is far to the left of the American electorate. Determined to solidify “his legacy,” he is likely to further ruin his party’s prospects.

To expect a man in love with own voice (and concerned about his “place in history”) to worry about fellow Democrats (many of whom have had, at best, a frosty relationship with the President) is, if not preposterous, highly unlikely.

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