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Planned Parenthood Pulls Out All the Stops in Late Election Blitz

by | Nov 4, 2014


By Randall K. O’Bannon

PPActionfundThey spent millions of dollars on this election. They claimed to have knocked on more than two million doors, made more than a million phone calls, deployed more than 2,500 canvassers who worked with thousands of volunteers to get out the vote.

Sounds like we’re talking about one of the country’s major political parties, right? No, not at all.

Those are the activities of the political arm of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion chain, as described in the press release they put out the day before the election. [1]

To put this in context, National Right to Life PAC and its Victory Fund can never match Planned Parenthood’s almost unlimited budget which allows it to hire lots and lots of staff and buy lots of ads. But thanks to the generosity of grassroots pro-life Americans and the volunteer work that wells up from NRLC’s over 3,000 chapters, we have in the past and will in the future surpass the effectiveness of PPFA.

Just over the past weekend, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund says that supporters and volunteers sporting the pink Planned Parenthood T-shirts made 80,000 phone calls, went to the homes of 260,000 voters “to ensure drop-off voters knew the high stakes for women’s health this election and had the information they needed to get to the polls on November 4.” (“Drop-off” voters are those who vote in presidential elections but tend not to vote in mid-terms.)

Planned Parenthood expressed concern that “millennials” (younger people) and certain “communities that have been traditionally underrepresented, marginalized, and discriminated against” might sit out the mid-term election, noting that only 46.2 % of eligible women voted in 2010. Offering a list that could just as well describe their clinic marketing focus, Planned Parenthood points out that “Unmarried women, women of color and young people ages 18-29″ now represent “over half of the voting-eligible population.”

An Associated Press news story appearing 10/23/14 on a Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina TV news site ( indicated that Planned Parenthood Votes was spending more than $2 million, deploying 480 staffers and nearly as many volunteers on voter contact efforts, hoping to reach more than 400,000 voters in the state, particularly focusing on the hard fought election battle between pro-abortion Democratic Senator Kay Hagan and her pro-life challenger Republican Thom Tillis.

North Carolina is not the only place that Planned Parenthood mobilized and spent money to defeat pro-life candidates and policies. Planned Parenthood Votes ran ads against pro-life Alaskan Senate candidate Dan Sullivan (Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest release, 10/6/14), against pro-life Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner, and against pro-life Iowa senatorial candidate Joni Ernst (Planned Parenthood Action Fund Media Office release, 9/17/14).

The political arm of Florida’s Planned Parenthood affiliates inserted themselves in the gubernatorial contest between pro-life incumbent Governor Rick Scott and his pro-abortion challenger Charlie Crist (Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates release 10/27/14). For the first time ever, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates has gotten into the senatorial contest in Georgia, aiming digital ads and direct mail advertising at about 75,000 voters in the Atlanta area, trying to keep pro-life candidate David Perdue from winning the open seat there (MSNBC, 10/27/14).

Planned Parenthood’s aggressive activity on behalf of abortion icon and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has been well documented here, as has its investment in defeating the amendment to grant Tennesseans the opportunity to address abortion through their legislators.

As NRL News Today reported, what has occurred in North Carolina and in these other states has been Planned Parenthood’s following through on plans to spend some $16 million to influence elections.

It is important for those who think of Planned Parenthood as a neutral, almost benign “health care provider” to know not only that it is the larger provider of abortions in the United States, but that through its political arm it intends to bend the legislative process to its will.


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