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Pro-abortion lament: Women win but “not women’s issues”

by | Nov 5, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

ErnstwinsreI know, I know, we’ve already talked twice today about how the War on Women flamed out, ran out of petro –take your pick of metaphors. But this gigantic charade—produced by, directed by, and starring pro-abortion Democrats—is not going to go away easily. Too many interest groups (aka EMILY’s List, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and virtually every national Democrat) are too invested for a little thing like reality to make much of a dent.

So we have Emily Badger, writing for the Washington Post today, under the all-you-need-to-know headline, “Tuesday was a big night for women candidates — but not women’s issues.”

So, obviously, the inference is that those women candidates who did not ingest “women’s issues” with their mother’s milk are—what?—not women? Stepford Wives? Traitors to the Sisterhood of the Perpetual Whiners?

Badger, like all those who keep peddling this nonsensical line, has to square the victory of strong, creative, intelligent women with their “failure” to hew to pro-abortion feminist dogma.

She does have one thing sort of right: “Voters, it seems, were willing on Tuesday to embrace women. But they were not all that interested in the ‘war’ on them.” Voters didn’t “seem” to embrace women candidates; they did. The first female United States Senator from West Virginia was just elected. Pro-life Iowa state Rep. Joni Ernst defeated one of those cookie-cutter pro-abortion man candidates, Rep. Bruce Braley. She was the first woman ever to be elected statewide in Iowa.

Badger goes on, “The results suggest [suggest?] that access to abortion and birth control — or threats to either one — aren’t as potent as Democrats had hoped in coaxing supporters to the polls.” You think? Ask Wendy Davis, who lost in Texas by a whopping 20 points, or Kay Hagan in North Carolina, booted out after one term by pro-life Thom Tillis. (Planned Parenthood’s political arm bragged about spending a gazillion dollars to re-elect Hagan.)

Remember Sandra Fluke, the annoying, self-congratulatory Georgetown Law Student elevated to celebrity status by a fawning press corps? Fluke “lost for a California state senate seat to another Democrat,” Badger writes. “She fell by 21 points.”

Badger concludes, “Davis was always a long shot in Texas. But given her major national profile last year, it’s remarkable how few people were even still talking about on her Tuesday night.”

Well…why would they? She lost by nearly a million votes! The Great Hope whose victory over the forces of evil would singlehandedly begin to turn Texas from Red to Blue.

Instead of turning purplish, Texas is redder than ever. Thank you, Wendy Davis, for your service.

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