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Pro-life initiative shows the beauty of choosing adoption

by | Nov 24, 2014


By Lauren Enriquez

ryan-bomberger1Saturday, November 22 was National Adoption Day. For pro-lifers, adoption is an integral component in transforming the culture and ensuring that every life is cherished. Because of adoption, families are made whole, and mothers in unplanned pregnancy situations are able to make the best choice for themselves and for their children.

Last year, to celebrate National Adoption Month, the Radiance Foundation released the following spot featuring the Dunbars, a family made whole by adoption.

For Ryan Bomberger, the founder of the Radiance Foundation, adoption has a very personal meaning. Adopted after his birth in 1971, Bomberger grew up in a family of adopted siblings with parents who treasured each child as a gift.

Ryan’s life experience as an adoptee inspired him to promote the choice that gave him life. As an initiative of the Radiance Foundation, he started Adopted and Loved, which has produced TV ads like the 30-second spot you saw above.

Their ministry to support birthmoms who choose adoption,, helps to change the conversation regarding unplanned pregnancy outcomes. They state:

We want adoption to become one of the first options considered instead of the status-quo go-to of abortion. There are many forms of adoption–open, semi-closed, and closed–and birthparents can help shape the future of their daughter or son by continuing to remain involved in their lives. Sometimes parenting isn’t the best option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy, but expectant mothers and fathers can turn the unplanned into a loving plan and make a great parenting choice. They can choose adoption.

Through Birth Mom Gift Boxes and maternity clothing drives, among other forms of support, Sally’s Lambs strives to be there for moms who choose to place their little ones with adoptive families.

If you’re a birth mom who is looking for support, you can contact Sally’s Lambs here. If you have experienced the adoption process — as a birth parent, an adoptive parent, or an adoptee — the Radiance Foundation would love to hear your story at Adopted and Loved. To watch more videos about positive adoption stories, go here. Happy National Adoption Month!

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