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The depth, height, width, and breadth of the defeat suffered by pro-abortion forces only now beginning to be fully realized

by | Nov 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Dan Sullivanis now projected as winner in Alaska Senate race

Pro-life Dan Sullivan is now projected as winner in Alaska Senate race

Well, it’d be hard to start the rest of the week off better than the news that the Associated Press and CBS News and NBC News have called the Senate race in Alaska: pro-life challenger Dan Sullivan has defeated first-term incumbent pro-abortion Democrat Mark Begich.

As a result, Republicans have already made a net gain of eight in the Senate and will assume control in January. There is a strong possibility they will add one more after the runoff Dec. 6 between pro-abortion Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and pro-life Rep. Bill Cassidy. (The outlook is so bleak for Landrieu that last week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced it had pulled its ad buy for Landrieu during the period of the run-off.)

But it gets better and better. In addition to Sullivan and Cassidy, let me list just five items to whet your appetite for more good news.

#1. Writing for Gallup, Andrew Dugan concludes

After the midterm elections that saw the Democratic Party suffer significant losses in Congress, a record-low 36% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of the party, down six percentage points from before the elections. The Republican Party’s favorable rating, at 42%, is essentially unchanged from 40%. This marks the first time since September 2011 that the Republican Party has had a higher favorability rating than the Democratic Party.


(See the attached graphic.) Dugan continues

These results come from a Nov. 6-9 Gallup poll, conducted after Republicans enjoyed a breathtaking sweep of important contests throughout the country in this year’s midterms. The party gained control of the Senate and will likely capture its largest House majority in nearly a century. Additionally, the GOP now controls 31 governorships and two-thirds of state legislative chambers.

One more quote:

After the 2012 election, many political analysts focused on the GOP’s ‘image problem’. Now, it is the Democrats who appear to have the more battered image. Their favorability rating has never been lower, and they are reeling from defeats that cost them control of the U.S. Senate and strengthened the Republican House majority to levels likely not seen in 90 years.

That 36% favorable rating for the Democratic party is a drop from 6-percentage points from before the midterm elections and the lowest favorability since Gallup began asking the question in 1992.

As for the President’s job approval numbers, they range between 39% and 42%.

#2. Last week NRLC demonstrated the power and the reach of grassroots pro-lifers working with and motivated by National Right to Life and its state affiliates []. People heard from NRLC’s political committees and the net advantage for the pro-life candidate among voters who said the abortion issue affected their vote was a whopping 7 points (23% said they voted for candidates who oppose abortion, just 16 who said they voted for candidates who support abortion).

Pro-abortionists have been grousing ever since and scrambling to deflect attention away from the painful reality: their candidates lost overwhelmingly. Yesterday pro-abortion stalwarts NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund released a poll which (the groups said in a statement) proves “There is no evidence to support the contention that a focus on the ‘war on women’ ‘cost’ Democrats their elections.”

The problem is no one else believes this. Tell this revisionist nonsense to the likes of Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan, Mark Udall, Bruce Braley, Michelle Nunn, and Alison Lundergan Grimes (not to mention abortion mega-star Wendy Davis who was crushed in her contest against pro-life Greg Abbott for governor of Texas).

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

#3. It is symbolic of Barack Obama’s devastating impact on the fortunes of younger Democrats that Hillary Clinton is the clear front-runner to be the party’s next presidential nominee. If you combine the insights of a piece that appeared in POLITICO over the weekend with the analysis of Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso as summarized by Noah Rothman, two startling truths come out.

First, that ”Democrats are coming to the grim realization that much of the party’s talent pool was crushed on Tuesday.” Since they are invariably pro-abortion, this means that the Abortion Industry took a tremendous hit November 4. Rothman, writing at, explains

In two consecutive midterms, Republicans have decimated the Democratic Party’s bench of talent, not just on the federal or statewide level but farther down the ballot as well. The GOP now controls 69 of the nation’s 99 legislative chambers, a dramatic reversal, according to Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso, from 2008 when Barack Obama’s party controlled 62 legislative chambers. The GOP now has the total command of state government – both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s mansions – in 23 states, while Democrats command the levers of government in just seven states. In addition to the Republican Party’s 31 governorships, the GOP enjoys the allegiance of 32 lieutenant governors offices and 29 crucial secretaries of state.

#4. If you’ve listened and/or watched President Obama, you know he is in deep—deep—denial. All that happened November 4 was that he wasn’t a good enough salesman of his very successful policies, the “wrong” electorate turned up to vote, and, in any event, he is not interested in the least in genuine compromise. Another description might be petulant.

Thus, the results of another Gallup poll will likely only make Obama double-down on his intransigency. As reported by Gallup’s Linda Saad,

Following the midterm election that some have termed a Republican wave, the majority of Americans want the Republicans in Congress — rather than President Barack Obama — to have more influence over the direction the country takes in the coming year.

And it’s not just that 53% say they want Congressional Republicans to have more influence than Obama in the direction the nation takes, only 36% said the reverse—an advantage of a whopping 17 points! The “bottom line,” according to Saad?

The midterm election provided a clear signal as to which party voters want to control Congress. That message is echoed in the results of the latest Gallup poll showing Americans expressly asking for the Republicans — rather than Obama — to guide the direction the country takes in the next year.

#5. If I may return to Noah Rothman one more time, there are other results worth mentioning. “The Democratic officeholders who survived the routings of 2010 and 2014 are primarily entrenched incumbents and are invariably of an older set,” Rothman observes. “The Democratic Party is rapidly becoming a political organization that, as liberals once said of the GOP, does not look like the constituents it seeks to represent.”

Quoting from national exiting polling, Rothman explains

Republicans improved with the voters aged 18-29 who turned out by 2 points over the party’s 2010 standing. The GOP only lost young voters to Democrats by an atypically close single-digit margin. Moreover, the GOP continues to elevate a younger generation of leaders to high office, including the youngest woman to serve in the House in history, 30-year-old Representative-elect Elise Stefanik (R-NY) who had the added privilege of turning her Empire State district from blue to red. She will replace Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) who, at 33-years-old, will soon only be the second youngest House member.

It is not to be over-confident—that is silly and can prove to be dangerous—but only candid to conclude that the Abortion Lobby and its Democratic party enablers took an incredible pounding a week ago Tuesday.

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