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Things weren’t as impossibly bad as they seemed!

by | Nov 14, 2014 and – Helping Women as a Team

By Dawn Marie Perez, Exec. Director-
In cooperation with Option Line Director, Bri Layock now has reached over 28 million visitors and is one of the world’s top ten most-visited sites dealing with abortion. Visitors to the site stay for an average of 28 minutes, a long time to stay on a website. For the majority of visitors, it is the first and most comprehensive pro-life information they have ever read. With millions of visitors from around the globe, it is clear that is making a difference in helping form a culture for life.

While is reaching out to over 300,000 women each month through our own advertising and web presence, it also partners with other national organizations to reach women in need. Websites such as assist with reaching over 1,000 women in crisis each month via chat and text sessions.

One of these young women, a senior in the last weeks of High School, found Option Line through, and connected with an Option Line consultant a little after midnight in mid-May. Here is her story.

She had already been accepted to her dream college, and felt her life was entirely on track until earlier that day when she’d taken a pregnancy test and it was positive. She had asked a friend to buy a test for her, and had taken it at her friend’s house, so her parents wouldn’t realize something was wrong if she was crying. She knew she would need to have an abortion, but she was terrified some day she would regret it.

She had cried all afternoon, and well into the night, until in desperation she googled “abortion stories” hoping to find stories of women who had had abortions and gone on to live happy, fulfilled lives. What she found was

In their forums she read story after story of girls just like her, who had gone through with abortions, and had come onto the forum later to share their experience and encourage other girls not to make the same mistake. She was so moved by what she read, she decided to click on a box on the side, to chat with someone right then.

That chat link took her to Option Line’s chat, where an Option Line consultant was available to speak to her immediately. The young woman poured her heart out to the Option Line staff member, sharing her fears, what she’d read on, and her desire to continue her pregnancy, though she felt she was being selfish by bringing a baby into a the world without a good job, a house, and stability.

The Option Line consultant gently disagreed, explaining that giving the baby life was the most unselfish thing she could do. That help was available to her, and that a pregnancy center would be able to work with her to get baby items, maternity clothes, and community referrals for help with food and medical care. The young woman agreed to be connected with a center in her area, and told the Option Line consultant, she finally felt ready to sleep, knowing that things weren’t as impossibly bad as they seemed.

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