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“This Time” is a powerful pro-life, pro-adoption video

by | Nov 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. November is National Adoption Month. Over the course of the rest of November, we will be posting new and older stories about this life-affirming alternative. The following ran last year.

john-elefante-this-timeOh, my goodness, another incredibly powerful pro-life video, this time from John Elefante, the former lead singer of the group “Kansas.” I learned about “This Time” from Charisma News which explains that the video shares the story of the birth of Sami, Elefante’s adopted daughter, whose 13-year-old mother came perilously close to aborting Sami.

“I can’t imagine life without my daughter, Sami, and it just breaks my heart that pregnant young women much like her birth mother, instead of choosing life for their babies, are denying them the chance to be born,” Elefante tells Abby Carr “If our song can in any way bring attention to this issue and encourage those who are considering abortion to choose life through options such as adoption, then we couldn’t be happier.”

So, why is “This Time” so effective?

For starters, Elefante does a marvelous job setting a real-life stage: a very frightened (barely) teenage girl who discovers she is pregnant. Scared out of her wits, she slams the door on her mother and races to the “solution”: the abortion clinic.

When a girl or woman is at the abortion clinic—let alone in the operating room itself—the pressure to “get this over with” is unfathomable. In this case, the young girl is half-asleep in the waiting room and dreams of being with the little girl she is carrying and about to abort.

It would likely take something as powerful as a “picture” in her mind’s eye to convince her that this is desperately wrong. The abortion clinic staff is shown restraining her from leaving, which is not uncommon. They’ve seen it all before and, to them, this is just routine, last-minute panic.

But Sami’s teenage mother does make it to the phone to call for her own mother. The last scene is of her outside, visualizing her baby at three or four, just as her mother arrives to take her home.

The music, as you would expect from a multiple-Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, is just tremendous. The lyrics tell the story of why she ran to the abortion clinic….and why she chose life. (I will not spoil the delight you will experience by quoting the refrain that makes your heart soar.)

Take four minutes out of your busy day and watch “This Time.”  Believe me you’ll be forwarding this video to all your friends and family.

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