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Abortion Rights author criticizes Planned Parenthood, says tide shifting pro-life

by | Dec 22, 2014


By Carole Novielli

Editor’s note. We’ve posted a half-dozen stories on a new book by pro-abortion militant Katha Pollitt, “PRO—Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” The following story is based on what I would assume is a C-SPAN recording of Pollitt speaking at the highly influential “Politics and Prose” bookstore in Washington, DC.

Katha Pollitt

Katha Pollitt

Pro-choice author, Katha Pollitt joined Politics and Prose to promote her new book, PRO.

Pollitt believes that there is no bad reason for an abortion. She has rightly claimed that most abortions are for convenience and makes no apologies for supporting this. In addition, Pollitt has said that abortion is more moral than the decision to have a child.

Pollitt began by pointing out that when she speaks in various places, people are always asking her why she wrote her book.

She claimed her reason was obvious – because the pro-life movement is winning. And specifically winning the debate with their language. Pollitt admitted the tide was shifting toward the pro-life side of language.

That was clear after the November 2014 elections when voters rejected nearly all of Planned Parenthood’s darlings in races across the board.

“I wrote this book because all you have to do is open up the newspaper and see the way things are going,” said Pollitt, “Since, 2010 when the Republicans were so successful there have been 205 new abortion restrictions passed in the states, and, even more than the restrictions- the discourse. You can just feel it shifting. You can feel it shifting toward the anti-abortion side of language and the greater and greater defensiveness of the pro-choice side.”

The advocate of abortion-on-demand for any reason goes on to criticize abortion giant Planned Parenthood calling their decision to drop the term “pro-choice” a mistake.

Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, told the New York Times, “The ‘pro-choice’ language doesn’t really resonate particularly with a lot of young women voters.”

Pollitt responded to this tactic, “I have to say that I was really slow to pick up on this. I now think that when Planned Parenthood decided not to use the word ‘pro-choice’ anymore…That–that was a mistake,” she tells the crowd.

“Now they speak of, and I don’t know how this works, they speak of, okay, I’m not going to say pro-choice anymore, I’m going to say I’m walking – I’m walking in another woman’s shoes. So, what? It’s the pro-shoes position?” Pollitt asks.

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