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December Digital edition of NRL News chock-full of important pro-life news

by | Dec 10, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Dec2014Page1We are heading into that two week flurry of activity where all eyes turn to Christmas and Christmas shopping. I know, we’ve been so overwhelmed we haven’t picked out a Christmas tree.

With all these demands on your time, I hope you can take a few minutes each day to dig into one of the 35 pages worth of news stories, columns, editorials, and human interest features that make up the December digital edition of National Right to Life News . Just click on and you will be taken there a second or two.

What will you find this month in the “pro-life newspaper of record”?

For starters, each day this week we are reprinting one of the stories from the issue to give you a flavor. On Monday it was NRLC President Carol Tobias encouraging column. On Tuesday it is an interview with Jacki Ragan, director of NRLC’s State Organizational and Development Department. My chats with Jacki always provide a font of information and inspiration.

Today we recount the latest chapter in the career of Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander’s whose license was finally suspended. (See “Abortionist blames pro-lifers for losing medical license, not the fire marshal, the judge, or a state medical disciplinary committee.”

As you read and absorb and ponder the many stories, please be sure to pass along selected stories (if not the entire issue) to your social network contacts. That is how the message of hope and love will spread. I know you already are because friends of mine have passed stories along to me!

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