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Please take time out of your busy Christmas Season to read Digital NRL News

by | Dec 15, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Dec2014FrontcoverWe had our annual Open House Saturday and put up our Christmas Tree Sunday, so the Andruskos are well aware that all of us are into Christmas-mode.

But I hope you can squeeze out a few minutes a day to read some of very comprehensive coverage that appears in the December digital edition of National Right to Life News. You can read the entire 35-page issue at

As we did all last week, we are including one story from the edition today to whet your appetite. Speaking of last week…

First up we re-posted NRLC President Carol Tobias’ encouraging column, reminding us what has been accomplished. On Tuesday was an interview with Jacki Ragan, director of NRLC’s State Organizational and Development Department.

On Wednesday we recounted the latest chapter in the career of Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander’s whose license was finally suspended. On Thursday, there was a request from Autos for Life to donate a vehicle to help sustain our educational outreach. And on Friday we updated a story from NRL Political Director Karen Cross that first appeared in the December issue. There is even more good news since that electronic edition first went on line.

As I mentioned above, please take a few minutes to become a better educated pro-lifer. And then, after you read a story that you particularly like, please be sure to pass along selected stories (if not the entire issue) to your social network contacts.

That is how the message of hope and love is spreading.

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