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Run-off election in Louisiana pitting Cassidy against Landrieu just three days away

by | Dec 3, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

CassidyLandrieu2Even though the November 4 mid-term elections went extremely well, all eyes immediately turned to Louisiana (once it became clear pro-lifer Dan Sullivan had won in Alaska). Up a net of eight in the Senate, Republicans looked to make it nine by defeating incumbent pro-abortion Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu in a runoff this coming Saturday. (The runoff is necessary because neither Landrieu nor her pro-life challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy, garnered 50% of the vote.)

Landrieu is fighting stiff headwinds. While no one denies that, it is critical to remember she is the original comeback kid.

As Andrew Bair explained last month, there are at least four reasons not to count her out. She comes from a powerfully connected family; she won her first election for the United States Senate by the smallest margin ever in the state’s history, so she’s used to close races; Landrieu has been in a runoff before—in 2002—and prevailed; and in 2008, the same year Louisiana voted overwhelmingly for John McCain, Landrieu (comparatively speaking) crushed her opponent by six points.

For single-issue pro-lifers, what she said in her debate the other night on abortion is a reminder that this is a senator who has voted against the pro-life position on every vote scored by NRLC during her current six year term in office.

Ben Clapper is the executive director of Louisiana Right to Life. As he explained, in the Monday night debate, “Sen. Landrieu has once again misled the citizens of Louisiana.” Landrieu insisted the “pro-choice” label was not very accurate but that (as Clapper summarized) “she falls under that label because she does not believe the government should be making these decisions,” the ultimate cop-out position when a pro-abortion candidate is confronted with their record.

According to Mr. Clapper, Sen. Landrieu talked about not supporting abortion, even believing abortion is “tragic,” and “thinks abortion in almost every case is immoral.” Yet, as noted, from a pro-life perspective, she is O-fer the last six years, always voting against the pro-life position.

That includes her opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection which has passed the House of Representatives but stymied from coming to a vote in the Senate by pro-abortion Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) That law would provide nationwide protection to unborn children who are capable of feeling pain, beginning at 20 weeks fetal age. According to POLITICO, she reiterated her opposition to the bill in Monday’s debate.

One isn’t merely “pro-choice” to oppose this bill. One is hard-core pro-abortion.

As noted at the beginning, the signs, including polling numbers, appear promising for pro-life Rep. Bill Cassidy. But Sen. Landrieu has been written off before and nevertheless carried the day.

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