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Trial delayed in forced abortion case, defendant says he is too sweaty to give evidence

by | Dec 19, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Mark Emlick

Mark Emlick

The trial of an Edinburgh man accused of attempting to coerce a woman into having an abortion was delayed because the attorney for multi-millionaire Mark Emlick said his client was “suffering from a medical condition that made him sweat profusely.”

Over objections from the prosecution, Sheriff Michael Fletcher agreed to put the trial off from January 5. The new date is April 2015.

This is the second postponement, according to Gordon Currie of the Herald Scotsman. The first was “because the baby had been born prematurely and the mother had undergone surgery which meant she was unable to attend court.”

Emlick, 51, was arrested in connection with “an allegation of threatening and abusive behavior,” a charge he denied. He was granted bail on the condition that he not enter the town where the woman lives until the case is concluded. He was also barred from approaching the woman.

The allegation goes back to February 8, according to Currie.

It is alleged he acted in a manner likely to cause fear and alarm to a reasonable person by threatening the woman and trying to force her to abort a baby.

It is alleged his actions placed her in a state of fear and alarm by threatening to “make her life a misery.”

The sweaty palms defense did not sit well with prosecutor Jim Eodanable, specifically the reasons outlined in Emlick’s medical certificate.

“The Crown is not content with its contents,” Mr. Eodanable said. “It seems that this is due to his sweatiness and nervousness and suchlike. My suggestion is that the doctor should be called to court to explain the content of the letter,” according to the Edinburgh News.

In response, Emlick’s attorney said, “The letter is specific enough as regards the medical condition of Mr. Emlick. It makes reference to anxiety, low mood, low self confidence, and a type of post traumatic stress.”

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