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Woman aborted by Patel tells local TV station she was strapped in, given no anesthesia, and endured “unbearable” pain

by | Dec 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Nareshkumar G. Patel (The Oklahoman PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND)

Abortionist Nareshkumar G. Patel

On Wednesday we reported that notorious abortionist Nareshkumar Gandalal “Naresh” Patel was out on bail, having been charged with three counts of fraud for telling uncover detectives they were pregnant and then prescribing pricey abortifacients.

The complaint that led to the investigation came from a sister of a former patient who paid $520 for a medical abortion procedure in August 2011/ Pamela Michelle King died four months later of complications from cervical cancer. “The doctor who cared for her at the time of her death reported she had not been pregnant within the past year,” according to The Daily Oklahoman.

But that was just one of the more recent examples in Patel’s checkered medical history.

Yesterday KFOR NewsChannel 4 ran a story about a woman who had actually been pregnant and whose abortion at that hands of Patel she described as “like torture.” These memories resurfaced, she told Channel 4, when she saw that Patel had been arrested.

The sequence the unnamed woman described was horrifying.

She told the station that had decided on an abortion a few month ago because her heart was enlarged, leading to early complications.

“I actually felt like I was having a heart attack a lot of the time. I’d gone into the hospital on two other occasions with chest pains,” she said. So she arraigned to go to Patel’s Warr Acres abortion clinic.

According to the woman, after first being told she would be charged $1,100 for the abortion, Patel’s office did a quick ultrasound and said to her “You’re two weeks further along than what you’re telling me.” They told the frightened woman that they wanted another $500.

She agreed. The story from Channel 4’s Abby Broyles continues:

“A nurse came into the room and strapped my wrists down to the table. They strapped my ankles down where my feet were, and she held my forehead down to the table,” she said.

She says they didn’t give her any anesthesia and the pain was unbearable.

“I’d never known anything like it in my life. It was like torture,” she said.

And there is even more in Patel’s history. As we discussed on Wednesday, according to Nolan Clay and Robby Trammell Clay, writing for the Oklahoman, Patel

admitted burning aborted fetuses in 1992, saying he had run out of storage space after a hospital stopped letting him use an incinerator.

Patel told the state medical licensure board he and his office manager took the fetuses to an abandoned recreational vehicle park he owned near Shawnee and he set fire to them on a gravel road.

The state medical licensure board considered disciplining him for unprofessional conduct for the fetus disposal but did not.

Patel has been arrested before — in 1993 when a patient accused him of sexually assaulting her. He denied her accusation. He was acquitted of two felony counts at a jury trial in 1994.

If convicted of fraud, Patel could face up to three years in jail.

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