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A must read for pro-life activists: “The State of Abortion in America, 2015”

by | Jan 23, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

stateofabortion2015cover   There is such a rush leading up to the January 22 March for Life that sometimes very important information does not get its proper due. Such, perhaps, was the case with NRLC’s “The State of Abortion in America, 2015.” We wrote about this very valuable resource, but we return today to fill in some additional details.

The report is a terrific, one-stop overview of the kinds of invaluable information all pro-lifers should have at their fingertips.

There are six sections and an introduction by NRLC President Carol Tobias. They are:

         Abortion Numbers

         Public Opinion Polling

         Federal Policy & Abortion

          State Laws & Abortion

          Planned Parenthood—Pro-abortion, Prosperous, and Proud

          Synopsis of U.S. Supreme Court Cases

“Abortion numbers” does an exquisite job explaining the two primary sources of information that have documented an-impossible-to-deny decline in the number of abortions. The section begins, “There is a long way to go, but it clear that we have made a lot of progress. Abortions in the United States today are down to levels not seen since the 1970s, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide.” The section also explains why and how  this welcomed reduction came about—and it is not the pro-abortion answer. It includes effective education and legislation, outreach, and alternatives. The importance of all these in reducing the number to just over 1 million abortions a year cannot be overstated. “Abortion Numbers” also straightforwardly looks at where our Movement must make even greater progress.

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“Public Opinion Polling” is a very sophisticated analysis of what a close reading of polling data reveals. That includes that a clear majority opposes the reasons for which 90+percent of all abortions are performed. Also, using Gallup and other surveys, at a minimum 48% believe abortion is morally wrong to 42% who believe it is morally acceptable. A recent survey conducted for the Knights of Columbus found that 60% think abortion is morally wrong, while only 38% think it is morally acceptable.

Federal Policy & Abortion” is an extremely in-depth look, filled with historical background and a clear explanation of NRLC’s top congressional priority for the new 114th Congress: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill is based on NRLC-originated model legislation that has been enacted in a number of  states. It is must reading.

State Laws & Abortion,” likewise, offers pro-life activists a great summary of state laws enacted by NRLC’s state affiliates. These laws certainly have had an impact—see, for example, the dramatic decrease in the number of abortions in such states as Kansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. There are separate sections on a variety of pro-life initiatives.

“Planned Parenthood—Pro-abortion, Prosperous, and Proud” is an eye-opener to the average citizen who has been fed the line that PPFA is all about “women’s health.” In fact, a substantial part of its $1.3 billion in income for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014, comes from abortion. (A lot more is indirectly connected.) In its latest annual report, PPFA reported performing 327,653 abortions. Planned Parenthood has maintained its enormous “market share” even while the overall number of abortions continues to drop, a testament to PPFA’s unchallenged role as the overwhelmingly dominate provider of abortions in America—and its powerful political connections. And…

“Synopsis of U.S. Supreme Court Cases” which provides a brief, but thoughtful synopses of Supreme Court cases on abortion. It starts with Roe and Doe in 1973 and carries the reader up through the 2007 Gonzales v. Carhart decision which upheld the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

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