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British “Miracle Baby” comes home, mom says abortion limit should be significantly lowered

by | Jan 9, 2015


Born at 23 weeks, one week under legal limit to abort

By Dave Andrusko

Bella with her mom, Vicky

Bella with her mom, Vicky

When “Miracle Baby” Bella Davison came home yesterday, after spending her entire life outside the womb (six month) under the care of medics at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, it was joyous news not only to her parents, Vicky Jackson and Graeme Davison, but also to all the Facebook friends Bella had made via Vicky’s daily posts detailing Bella’s life in the Special Care Baby Unit.

Bella and her twin sister, Sophia, were born by C-Section at only 23 weeks. Bella weighed just over 1lb. However, Sophia, a similarly diminutive size, suffered complications and doctors were unable to save her.

Vicky, 30, who lives in Morphett, Northumberland (in the northeast of England), told reporter Helen Rae, “It was very emotional to bring Bella home as there was a time when we thought this might not happen.”

The 23-week number is hugely important. In most situations in most hospitals in Great Britain, if a baby has not reached 24 weeks gestation, staff will do little for them. Not coincidentally 24 weeks is also the legal limit at which babies may be aborted, although as NRL News Today has explained many times, there is next to no limit if the baby is diagnosed with “imperfections.”

“The day after Bella was born we were told she would not survive the night but she did and now she is home – it’s amazing,” Vicki told Rae. “It is great to see how well Bella’s doing as she looks like any other baby, and you would not know that she was premature, she is just a little miracle.”

Bella, she added knowingly, “100% wanted to be here and she has just dealt with everything, she has such a strong little character.”

And because of her very premature birth, Bella will be seen regularly by nurses and “she will be monitored by experts to see if she is developing as expected,” Rae reported.

Vicky told Rae,

“Like any first-time parent, I am a little nervous having her home and I’m constantly watching her to check that she’s okay. But it’s very exciting and I’m used to sleepless nights as I’ve been staying with Bella in hospital.”

Referring to her many followers on Facebook, Vicki said, “Some of the messages we get from people around the world are really inspirational,” adding, “Some of them are from people who have been or are going through similar situations.” The posts were initially for family and friends, Rae explained, “But messages of support have come from across the Atlantic as far away as Texas, America.”

As you might expect having a baby who was just one week under the legal limit to abort has had an impact. She told Rae

“I think the abortion limit should be significantly lowered to 10 weeks unless there is a medical reason. Bella shows that babies can survive at 23 weeks old if they are given a fighting chance. More premature babies are surviving all the time due to advances in medical treatment.”

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