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For the Los Angeles Times, two over 20 week old babies abandoned on road are just “two fetuses”

by | Jan 6, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

babyshoes43I was thinking about either a clever lead that would at first obscure what had happened or be rightly indignant. In the end, the headline to very brief story about two 20-week-old babies abandoned on a road in Fallbrook, California, says it all: “Two fetuses found beside road in Fallbrook.”

The babies were found wrapped in a blanket by a local resident who said at first he thought they were dolls.

“The San Diego County medical examiner will determine the cause of death,” according to Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times. There was an accompanying note that some of the story changed when further data about the babies came in: they were at least 20 weeks! But that didn’t dissuade Perry.

As of last night there were 36 comments. Some were truly ugly, smacking of racism. But one woman’s observation perfectly capture the cruel absurdity of Perry’s characterization:

Clearly you meant ‘babies’ not fetuses, right? BABIES!! This horrible story isn’t less horrific because you refer to them as ‘fetuses’. They were babies who likely lost their lives because so many devalue the unborn. We must begin to value life regardless of the state of development. Maybe then we will begin to understand and love each other [in spite of] our differences. Just call it like it is!

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