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How many is 57 million?

by | Jan 8, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

Did-you-knowrePro-lifers are nothing if not creative. Over the decades, they have produced thousands upon thousands of “visual aids,” from the simplest black and white one-sheeter to full-blown movies—and everything in-between.

The common denominator is—to adapt a cliché—to help the public get its collective head around both the humanity we share with the unborn child and the sheer magnitude of the loss of lives since January 22, 1973.

A couple of years ago Oregon Right to Life, NRLC’s terrific state affiliate, produced an outstanding 4 minute, 23 second long You Tube video titled, “How many is 55 million?” Oregon RTL has now updated that video to take into account that, tragically, the death toll is now 57 million.

The technique is as simple as it is effective. Starting with the declaration, “The United States Legalized Abortion in 1973,” the viewer watches as the numbers inexorably rise at an incredible pace. For example, by the beginning of 1983, the number had already reached nearly 13 million!

The numbers spin and whirl, like a kind of demented Dow Jones figure. That would grab your attention in any event.

The numbers roll directly under a map of the United States with the states in yellow. State by state “disappears” to represent the ever-mounting numbers of children who have disappeared over time.

The tolling of the bell is a grim reminder that (as you can see from the accompany graphic and video) 57 million souls corresponds to the population of heartland of the United States.

Please take less than five minutes to watch, “How many is 57 million?” and share it using your social media contacts.

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