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Hundreds of Thousands to rally in nation’s capital to March for Life

by | Jan 22, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

March2015areAs I drove into Washington, DC, this morning, I looked to my right and saw the Washington Mall where beginning at noon hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers will assemble to remind the world that we are ever-vigilant, ever-watchful, and more resolute than ever that the killing must stop.

We’re posting many Roe-related stories today, not only to offer encouragement to the grassroots but also because our posts are carried by all the major news gathering sites. An untold number of people will be perusing the Internet today to read stories related to the 42nd anniversary of a decision whose sheer incoherence is matched only by its brutality.

In Roe (and its sister decision Doe v. Bolton), Justice Harry Blackmun stitched together penumbras and “emanations” to weave a “right” to abortion. Seven unelected justices excluded from the circle of protection an entire class of human beings simply because they are powerless and because seven of the nine justices were willing.

Perhaps in an age that lacks the technological breakthroughs of the past few decades, we could’ve pleaded ignorance. No longer. We can neither pretend that the unborn child is not one of us or avert the truth that Roe’s logic has metastasized, facilitating the onslaught against other vulnerable populations such as newborns with disabilities and the medically dependent.

Indeed, it seems as if each month something new takes place that highlights the incongruity between executing a million unborn babies a year and extolling the beauty of unborn children in ultrasound pictures, ads, and albums. If we ever had an excuse, that day has long since passed, making our accountability all the greater, all the more obvious.

NARAL just issued its annual “Who Decides?” analysis in which NARAL assigns a “D” to the country for how well—or in this case, how “poorly”—it promoted the agenda of the Abortion Establishment. But how could 16 states pass 27 “anti-choice” measures (with others moving the ball forward) if the electorate didn’t agree that these laws made sense?

Informed consent? Parental involvement? Giving women a chance to ponder a life-and-death decision? Putting an end to aborting children capable of experiencing hideous pain? Ensuring that abortion clinics are not havens for the likes of Kermit Gosnell? Demanding that abortionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital when they botch an abortion?

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These are “extreme” and will, according to NARAL, stir a “backlash”? How silly.

There are extremists in the abortion debate but they have pitched tent in the pro-abortion camp. They are particularly at home at places like which will write just about anything.

Jodi Jacobson, its editor-in-chief, really does believe that pro-lifers are just as bad as the terrorists who murdered people in France for publishing “offensive” cartoons. In an exchange of tweets, her bluff was called. Did she really believe that?

Jodi Jacobson @jljacobson
Yes, cuz U C, there’s no difference whn ideology is used 2 kill, maim, imprison women thru denial of healthcare or other violence.

Why do I bother to mention this? For several reasons,

First, the tighter the noose—the more protective laws are passed—the zanier pro-abortionists get. This grows more evident by the day.

Second, they are continually reassessing their strategy in light of the slew of defeats. Some of their deep thinkers believe a change of slogan will suffice—as if somehow that will fool anyone. (They really do have contempt for the intelligence of the American people.)

Third, others believe—as does Jacobson—that with enough help from a cooperative “mainstream” media, they can so demonize pro-lifers that we will finally be excluded from the conversation. But this thread-worn plan goes back to the 1970s—it’s never worked, no matter how hard they tried or how low they sank. Besides pro-lifers have alternative sources through which to get their life-affirming message out—aka NRL News and NRL News Today.

And fourth, the bedrock counter-offensive is to turn the abominable act of killing your own child into not just a “good”—pro-abortionists live by that delusion—but to so weave it into the culture that executing babies can be turned into a sick joke—see the dreadful “Obvious Child” film. Which is also why they want women to “tell their abortion story.”

But as both the film and the decision by Emily Letts to actually videotape her abortion and put it on YouTube illustrate, before you know it, this turns into a mockery. The very same people they want to win over are offended—and could they not be by such callousness, such brazen disregard of our best instincts?

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