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“I am Pro-Life Because….”

by | Jan 19, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

IcanfeelpainWith the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade just three days away, I am once again asking our great readers to write in to offer their thoughts to the question, “I am Pro-Life Because…” We’ve done this at National Right to Life News on many occasions; it could not be more fitting after the results of tremendous mid-term elections last November.

Please send your thoughts to

Let’s look at some we’ve been blessed to run in previous years. Because there were so many responses, in most cases I could only excerpt.

One of my favorites was the very first response: “I am pro-life very simply because I believe in the sanctity of life from conception through natural death. …Please pray to end abortion!”

Another reader said, “We look at ancient people and the practice of ritual sacrifice of babies, children, and even adults. We are shocked and astonished that people accepted this practice in their daily lives. Yet this is what we are doing today, and history will judge us. …I am pro life because I want to be part of the ‘awakening’ that exposes the truth and changes hearts and minds.”

A third reader offered a long and very powerful answer. Here’s a representative nugget:

“I am pro-life. I am not exactly sure why, I am not a religious person but I do have a firm belief in a right and wrong. Some things ARE black and white with no gray areas. Snuffing out the life of a defenseless, innocent human is wrong, Make no mistake about it, biologically, human life begins at conception. That is a biological fact. It is not a feline or canine. It is a human. “

Excellent! Won’t you please contribute to our discussion? Send your answer to, “I am Pro-Life because…. to

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