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Life: It isn’t merely an “Issue”

by | Jan 20, 2015


By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. Carol’s column appeared on page three of the new digital edition of National Right to Life News. The entire 39-page issue can be read at

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

I love my country. This truly is “America, the beautiful” with its mountains and shores, farmland and cities. This is the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” But this is also the nation that has killed 57 million innocent, helpless people. 57 million unborn babies in 42 years.

These children would have grown to be teachers, scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs. Some would have been bus drivers, construction workers, and hotel clerks. Some would have been musicians and poets. And some would have ended up in Congress or as President of the United States.

Parents and grandparents will never know how much love and joy they would have received from their (grand)children and how much comfort those (grand)children could have provided in the “golden” years.

LIFE—the protection of unborn children–should be an all-encompassing, all-consuming issue. Better yet, it shouldn’t be an “issue” at all. By labeling abortion as just another issue, it becomes just one of many in a long list of issues—taxes, education, economy, environment, etc—making it merely one among many rather than preeminent.

That mistake is compounded when, as an “issue,” abortion gets compartmentalized. It’s a political issue. Or it’s a religious issue. Or it’s a woman’s issue. Or a young person’s issue. Or a personal issue. By putting the decision to intentionally destroy unborn children into its own little box, too many people are able to make all manner of excuses.

To be clear, I am not saying abortion isn’t a political issue. It surely is. Our Founding Fathers declared that all life is created equal and that we are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, chief among them being Life. The laws of this great nation should protect the life of the innocent and the vulnerable. However, by reducing abortion to only a political issue, those who oppose abortion but aren’t interested in politics have an excuse not to get involved.

And yes, abortion is a religious issue for many. People of faith believe that each life is a unique creation of God. But people who could pass laws to protect unborn children use the argument that abortion is only a religious issue as an excuse to say political involvement shouldn’t be undertaken. Unfortunately, people opposed to abortion sometimes use this as a rationalization as to why they needn’t vote for (and work for) pro-life candidates.

Is abortion a women’s issue? Yes, it is. But it is also a human issue. Abortion advocates like to use this argument to stifle pro-life men from speaking out against abortion. But both women and men have the responsibility to speak up for the unborn child who has no voice.

Abortion is a young person’s issue. But it is also an issue for senior citizens. Many say, “I/ We can’t get pregnant anymore so the issue doesn’t concern us.” However, the killing of unborn children affects our nation as a whole—economically, spiritually, and everything in between. We kill our children; we lose our soul, whether we are young, old, or somewhere in between.

Finally is abortion a personal issue? Of course! Deciding whether or not to support the killing of innocent, unborn babies is a decision we each must make, individually. But it is also an issue for the country. We don’t allow individuals to decide if and when they are going to kill another person. State and federal laws—as expressions of the citizenry–have something very important to say as well.

So what is a better way at looking at this? LIFE is comprehensive. It is universal. As Merriam-Webster defines universal—covering everything or all important points; present in all places and at all times.

An amazing number of people are active in the right-to-life movement, doing whatever they can to save babies and help the mothers of these little ones. Maybe some of us can take a closer look at our own activities to see if we can do more. It’s mid-January, but it’s not too late to make another New Year’s resolution: eliminating excuses that prevent us from getting involved.

What excuses do we make for ourselves?

1. I don’t have time. In this crazy, hectic world, many people are juggling jobs and families. But everyone can find at least a few minutes to do something. Sign up to get NRL News Today, which is automatically sent to your in-box Monday through Saturday. When you check your emails, forward the articles to your family and friends. Buy a t-shirt with a pro-life message and wear it to the store. Wear the precious feet pin on your lapel– when someone asks what it is, explain that the pin shows the size of a baby’s feet ten weeks after conception. Carry the sonogram picture of your unborn baby or grandbaby around and show it to someone you meet. There are so many ways we can make another person think about the humanity of the unborn child. Don’t say, “I don’t have time.” Decide how much time you can give, either in hours or minutes, and do something.

2. I’m afraid because I don’t know enough about the issue. Then learn about abortion and Life. The NRLC website has an incredible amount of comprehensive information.

3. I’m too shy; I really can’t talk to anyone. That is the beauty of today’s interconnected world; you can find your voice through the use of your computer. Start by posting comments on friendly, pro-life websites, then add your voice to comments under news articles. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Send a letter or email to your state legislator or member of Congress.

LIFE is too important to be put into a box or added to a list of other “things” to be addressed. LIFE is too important to be put on the back-burner. And LIFE is too important for excuses.

Our founding fathers knew that without LIFE, we wouldn’t need liberty or happiness.

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