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“Little Miracle” survives abortion at 26 weeks

by | Jan 13, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

ultrasound26weeksThe Daily Telegraph is reporting that a now-16-month-old boy at the center of a custody fight in Great Britain, survived being aborted at 26 weeks.

The toddler, identified only as “A,” was born in August 2013 “after doctors attempted to terminate the pregnancy when the mother suffered seizures and suspected meningitis and encephalopathy,” according to John Bingham. Doctors gave the unnamed mother “abortion drugs,” presumably something to induce contractions such as Cytotec.

But “A,” described by Judge Carol Atkinson as a “little miracle,” survived. Five months later he was discharged on Christmas Eve.

Details of the boy’s survival emerged when Judge Atkinson, sitting at the Family Court in East London, concluded “that the boy should live with his father’s family as his mother said she was unable to look after him.” The father will care for “A” with help from his own parents and the mother will have contact, Bingham reported.

Bingham, the Social Affairs Editor for the Telegraph, concluded his story with quotes from Judge Atkinson.

She said it was “really quite remarkable” that the boy had survived.

“A is a little miracle,” she said.

“He has survived a traumatic start in life. However, he has considerable health needs.

“Those needs will continue and will have an emotional and social impact upon him.

“He will need a carer who is able to understand and respond to those extensive needs and who can prioritize him.”

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