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Seeking your feedback on latest National Right to Life News

by | Jan 27, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

Jan2015FrontcoverMy sincerest thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to jot down a few lines about the current digital edition of National Right to Life News and sent them to me. For the few who may not know this, it was in January 2014 that NRL News converted from a print newspaper to a digital, online publication that can be read by anyone with access to the Internet.

But I do want to remind those who may just be learning about our 39-page issue that you can obviously still read all the stories at

And what a collection there is–“hard” news stories, encouraging profiles of courageous women and men, and what’s going on in Congress.

First, the bookends. The reader starts on page one with “Groundbreaking Dismemberment Abortion Ban in Kansas” and ends on page 39 with a look back at the “legacy” of pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer, who has announced she will retire at end of 2016.

In between we talk about how the November elections have shaped the new Congress; a beautiful adoption story; several accounts of women who flatly rejected their doctors’ counsel to abort their child; the National Right to Life summer Academy; an incredible story of a man dismissed as a “vegetable” who could hear everyone and eventually recovered; an overview of abortion statistics; examples of how pop culture can advance the life agenda—and on and on.

Of course 39 pages can only scratch the surface—which is why we hope that everyone is receiving NRL News Today in their inbox each Monday through Saturday. (If you aren’t, it just takes 30 seconds—go to

Again, thanks for your helpful and encouraging comments. I trust everyone is passing along stories—perhaps the entire edition—using your social media contacts.

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