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Tennessee Man sentenced in murders of teen mom and her unborn child

by | Jan 20, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

Brandon Scott Donaldson Photo: Knox County Sheriff's Office

Brandon Scott Donaldson
Photo: Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Last Friday, after a trial that lasted five days, a Knox County jury found Brandon Scott Donaldson guilty of second degree murder in the death of his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Marcia Crider, second degree murder in the death of Crider’s unborn child, and the attempted second degree murder of her mother, Pebbles Crider. Crider was 13 weeks pregnant.

“He faces a minimum of 18 years in prison,” WFMY reported. “The state will request the maximum penalty allowed under the law, which is 72 years in prison. He will be sentenced on March 6th.” The 10-man, two-woman jury rejected a first-degree murder conviction.

Police said the two were fighting when Crider’s mother came to pick her up. “Donaldson opened fire on a car in which Crider was a passenger outside his aunt’s house on Porter Avenue after what was described in court as a day-long argument over money,” the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

The murders took place February 13, 2013. Donaldson was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

When Donaldson was arrested March 8, it capped an intensive manhunt by not only the Knoxville Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but also the U.S. Marshals Service.

“Donaldson is the first defendant convicted in Knox County under a law that allows for the prosecution of defendants who murder a fetus, regardless of the viability of the unborn child,” WFMY reported. “Under prior law, the fetus had to be viable in order sustain a charge for murder.”

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