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10 Myths about the amendment to ban sex selection abortions in Great Britain busted

by | Feb 13, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Stop-Gendercide-Now-Logo-1As we have documented a gabillion times, there is no limitation on abortion—no matter how commonsensical, no matter how widely supported it is by the public, no matter how much it appeals even to “pro-choicers”—that the Abortion Industry won’t oppose tooth and nail.

Enter sex selection abortion, perhaps better described as gendercide.

As NRL News Today reported, there is real movement in Great Britain. Even though the government, headed by David Cameron, is not behind the movement, over 100 MPs “spanning the main parties, have put their names to an amendment to the Government’s Serious Crime Bill clarifying Britain’s abortion laws to exclude termination on grounds of the unborn baby’s sex,” according to John Bingham.

The bill itself “contains new measures to combat domestic violence and female genital mutilation, has already completed its committee stage in the Commons and is on course to become law before the General Election in May,” Bingham reported.

Abortion on grounds of gender “could be formally outlawed in the UK within months” after MPs backed “a Parliamentary move to fast-track it onto the statute book,” Bingham reported.

And the reason it has such wide support is that sex selection abortions are taking place in Great Britain, forced on women—subtly or overtly.

Opponents are grasping at straws, but in a nation where abortion is deeply embedded, even bogus assertions must be rebutted” has just released “10 legal myths about the Sex Selection Amendment Busted.”

Here are just a couple

· This amendment ‘criminalises’ sex-selective abortion.

Incorrect. Sex-selective abortion is already unlawful. To state the obvious, it is not possible to criminalise something which is already criminal.

· This does nothing to help women.

Incorrect. Our main motivation in doing this is to provide a means to force the Government to bring forward supporting regulation via clause 792 of the Serious Crime Bill. This forces the Government to consider projects targeted at combatting the problem instead of ignoring it. We have many ideas for projects and look forward to working with Government on this if the amendment passes.

· This will leave women vulnerable to prosecution.

Incorrect. The amendment deals with doctors’ decisions under the Abortion Act 1967. The amendment does not change the pregnant woman’s standing in law at all.

Opponents try to insinuate that only pro-lifers could oppose sex selection abortions, which is false on its face. Stopgendercide notes that while there are certainly pro-lifers among their ranks, “[B]y far the majority of our support comes from the pro-choice community. This is reflected in the fact that 105 MPs are proposing the amendment from all political parties and all sides of the abortion debate. The intention of the amendment is to make clear that the law is not ‘silent’ on the matter of sex-selective abortion, contrary to what some abortion providers have said, and to force Government action.”

Stay tuned. NRL News Today will keep you updated.

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