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Dismemberment abortions and the case of the amazing vanishing baby

by | Feb 24, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

I’m not sure what it means, at least not on first pass. Two veteran pro-lifers, with 60+ years of collective involvement in the Movement between us, missed what should have been obvious to anyone, let alone us.

Let me explain.

What is the heart and soul (so to speak) of the pro-abortion case? Not just that abortion is trivial. Not just that pro-lifers make much ado about nothing. Not just that whether to ‘terminate’ whatever it is residing within a “woman’s body” is her decision and her decision alone to make.

In a real sense the Alpha and Omega of the case for abortion is that there is nothing inside her, at least nothing of physical, moral, or ethical weight. It’s as if they believe we all but imagine the “unwanted” unborn baby into existence.


A friend asked me to go to Then to look at page 19 (which is page 172 of Chapter Eleven) of a National Abortion Federation textbook whose subtitle is “Comprehensive Abortion Care.” It’s reproduced below.

What do you see?

NAF Abortion Diagram

A line drawing of a post-16-week dismemberment abortion. Here’s what’s written underneath the two drawings.

On the left:

Figure 11.2 Placement of forceps in the lower uterine segment. Hinge remains at the level of the cervix, allowing maximum range of motion of the jaws [of the forceps] to extract pregnancy elements [“pregnancy elements”?] from the lower uterine segment. When deeper insertion of the forceps is necessary to explore the fundus and cornu, care must be taken to apply cervical traction and follow the axis of the uterus to minimize the risk of trauma to the uterine wall.

On the right:

Figure 11.3 Hanson maneuver. By palpating the uterus with the nonoperating hand, the provider [the abortionist] may be able to decipher the location of fetal parts relative to the jaws of the forceps. Also shown is a proper method for holding the extraction forceps. Placing the thumb outside the ring on the handle allows the jaw to open wider.

What did you not see—or at least what did my friend and I not see at first glance? For a hint, take a look below at a medical illustration of a D&E dismemberment abortion.


Exactly. The forceps are opening and closing over….nothing. There is no baby, not even any “pregnancy elements” in sight.

A NAF textbook is showing an abortion but there’s nothing/nobody being aborted.

Even the National Abortion Federation is afraid to show what a later abortion looks like. Without admitting to, they have imagined the baby out of existence.

Since (to them) there is no there there, is it any wonder that NAF, Planned Parenthood, and the rest of their motley crew would charge anyone daring to run a medically accurate illustration of using “grisly” photos?

Lesson? They are terrified that the visual truth about dismemberment abortions will get out, even to their own kind.

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