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Emmie—the twin “who hid in mummy’s tummy”

by | Feb 9, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

After an otherwise healthy pregnancy, Emmie was delivered by caesarean section in August.

After an otherwise healthy pregnancy, Emmie was delivered by caesarean section in August.

The story of little Emmie, born last August, is so amazing you figure it must warrant a place in the Guinness book of world records. Turns out the experience of her mom, Callie Martin, while extraordinarily rare, does happen.

First the background. Ms. Martin, 26, has suffered three miscarriages and her sadness early last year when she began to miscarry at eight weeks can only be imagined.

She learned her baby had begun developing in her fallopian tube—an ectopic pregnancy—which can be fatal to the mother if the fallopian tube ruptures. Martin underwent emergency surgery.

Writes Alison Smith-Squire of the Daily Mail, Martin concluded, “It felt as if I’d never be a mother.”

And then—incredibly—four weeks later she felt pain in her stomach. Rushed to the hospital, Martin had an ultrasound where, as Smith-Squire explains,

It was then that astounded doctors discovered a tiny second embryo developing normally in her uterus and realised she had what’s known as a heterotopic pregnancy. ‘[It] is so rare that although doctors said they’d heard of it, no one had ever actually seen it before,’ Miss Martin added.

Martin told the Daily Mail, “When doctors told me I was still pregnant I thought they must be wrong,” adding, “’But when they showed me the scan and I saw her heart beating, I was just overcome with joy.”

So what are the odds that in August, Emmie would be delivered by C-section six weeks early weighing 6 pounds? According to Smith-Squire, after her mother had undergone invasive surgery, the odds are 50,000 to one!

“My consultant said the surgery usually would have killed the other embryo and induced a miscarriage,’ Martin told Smith-Squire. “’So it is truly miraculous that Emmie is alive.”

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