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Pro-abortionists in deep denial about Dismemberment Abortion

by | Feb 23, 2015

By Andrew Bair

The pro-abortion movement is in a predicament. They are compelled to fight a ban on dismemberment abortions because it challenges their abortion-without-limits ideology. But they know they cannot actually talk about dismemberment abortions. Putting the gruesome reality of unborn babies being torn limb from limb in front of the public would be highly detrimental to their cause.

On Friday, the Kansas Senate passed the “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act” by a 31-9 vote. As Kansans for Life Legislative Director Kathy Ostrowski wrote, only two pro-abortion lawmakers rose to speak against the bill. Neither of their arguments directly addressed what happens to the unborn child.

Pro-abortion Sen. David Haley complained about the use of the term “dismemberment.” He preferred to describe tearing apart the tiny bodies of living unborn babies as “healthcare.”

Ostrowski noted, “It was clearly demonstrated in the Kansas Senate, that the pro-abortion side has no substantive defense for the barbaric abortion procedure of dismembering living, tiny unborn babies with sharp metal tools.”

Even the abortion textbook published by the National Abortion Federation is afraid to show the gruesome nature of dismemberment abortions. The diagram in the abortion manual does not even show an unborn child!

NAF Abortion Diagram

Below is a medical diagram that gives a more accurate depiction of what happens to an unborn baby during a dismemberment abortion.


In response to the dismemberment abortion ban, the media is revisiting its playbook from the debate over partial-birth abortions. A flurry of headlines accused supporters of the legislation of trying to mislead the public with “grisly language.”

Infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, however, did not mince words when he described the “procedure” while under oath in the 2000 Stenberg v. Carhart case.

“My normal course would be to dismember that appendage and then go back and try to take the fetus out whether foot or skull first, whatever end I can get to first….Just pulling and rotation, grasping the portion that you can get hold of which would be usually somewhere up the shaft of the exposed portion of the fetus …”

The further question was asked, “In that situation, when you pull on the arm and remove it, is the fetus still alive?”

Carhart answered, “‘Yes.’ …I know that the fetus is alive during the process most of the time because I can see fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound.”

Carhart is not the only abortionist to candidly depict dismemberment abortions. (Read the descriptions of others here.) In fact, a former abortionist testified in the Kansas Senate Health Committee in support of the legislation.

Sen. Garrett Love, the bill’s lead sponsor, began the formal discussion on the Senate floor by drawing attention to the former abortionist’s testimony in which he described “tearing the arms, legs, and other body parts off until a baby dies.”

“Hearing the description made myself and many other members of the committee feel sick [especially] when learning nearly 600 such abortions occur each year in Kansas,” stated Sen. Love.

The pro-abortion movement is afraid that the public at large will react in the same way that Sen. Love did when informed about the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions. It’s up to the pro-life community to bring this human rights abuse to the forefront and persuade others that unborn children deserve to be protected from violent dismemberment.

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