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Super Bowl ads send the message that dads are important to their children at all ages and all situations

by | Feb 2, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

dovesuperbowladdadThis will be a short post. Elsewhere today, we are reposting a great story about a McDonald’s Super Bowl ad which include the dazzling smile of a child with Down syndrome as part of the “Paying with Lovin’” ad campaign.

She’s just part of the family, like everyone else. Take a moment and watch it again.

Our family was distributed here and there to watch the game Sunday, but that’s the beauty of twitter: we could explore the game play by play, if we wanted to.

We all noticed the same thing. For once dads were not portrayed as bumbling idiots whose only contribution is to try their wife’s patience and to make fools of themselves in front of their children.

Instead in more than a few ads, a dad’s vitally important contribution to his son’s—and more often daughter’s—wellbeing is highlighted, right from the very beginning.

Those of us who are dads already know this. This is not to minimize the mom’s enormous contribution, of course, but it’s nice to see an acknowledgement.

What is its application to us as pro-lifers?

Again, more than once in this ads (and others like them), when a young girl’s heart is broken or when she is lost, she turns to her dad for consolation and strength and assistance.

When a teenager has a crisis pregnancy, it is not only the boyfriend’s support (or the absence thereof) or her friends’ opinion that is pivotal in pushing the decision in the direction of life or death.

When parents are made aware, they can be towering support system that helps her understand they are there for her—and for her baby. Again, not to undervalue the mom’s input, but if the dad is no more supportive than the typical boyfriend, then the trajectory is most decidedly altered.

Good ads reminding us that dads are important to their children at all ages and all situations.

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