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Texas man faces capital murder charges in deaths of teenager and her unborn daughter

by | Feb 25, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Dawanna Thomas

Dawanna Thomas

Dawanna Thomas, a Texas teenager, had just learned she was having a baby girl. Days later firefighters discovered her burned body at the center of an arson fire.

Courtney Velasquez, her 19-year-old boyfriend, faces capital murder charges after allegedly drowning and then burning Dawanna’s body, killing her unborn baby girl. The baby’s grandmother said her daughter was four months pregnant.

KENS-TV reported that Velasquez confessed hours after the drowning which took place on Valentine’s Day in San Antonio.

“So he stripped her, put her in a bag, he put a log over the bag in the middle of a creek, and then moved the body, he moved it to another location,” Rosanne Hughes with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office told News 4, the local Fox News station.

Tear Bedford, Thomas’ mother, told News 4 San Antonio that Velasquez was the father and that he had urged her 18-year-old daughter to have an abortion.

Bedford and that the couple had been together for only some six months. She told News 4 that she’d feared for Dawanna’s safety

“He’s always been violent, take her money, take her phone, break her phones, every month break her phone,” Bedford said.

Courtney Velasquez

Courtney Velasquez

According to KENS-TV

His pants were still wet when he apparently said “I killed her,” relatives told police.

“I can’t believe I did it,” Velasquez allegedly told a family member. “I drowned her at the creek.”

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office investigators have yet to nail down a motive. …

“There may have been some jealousy involved,” Sheriff’s spokesman James Keith told KSAT-TV. “She may have been talking to someone else at the time. We’re still trying to sort all that out right now.”

Bedford says she told her daughter she was going in the wrong direction.

“This dude is gonna kill you, and that’s just what he did,” added Bedford.

Ms. Bedford said she’s trying to be strong.

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